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How To Drink From A “Porron” in Barcelona

Mel and Marcus are the lively couple behind Fly Drive Explore their travel blog that has taken them around the world in search of adventure. They blog about what attractions you don’t want to miss, the perfect spot to get that must have photo, what dishes you have to try and much more. Today we are sharing in collaboration with them about some of Barcelona’s highlights and their experience learning how to use a traditional “Porron”.

A Porron (Catalan: porró in the singular, porrons in the plural) is a traditional glass wine pitcher, which holds 3/4 litre, typical of many regions of Spain like Castile, Catalonia and Aragon. It resembles a cross between a wine bottle and a watering can.

Mr. W tries it out for us and has fun doing it! This video is perfect for anyone wanting to head to Barcelona, learn something new about their culture or a neat new fact about drinking!

Thanks for watching and head to Fly Drive Explore is you want to see more from Mel and Marcus!

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