How To Sell Your Hotel Reservation - Transfer The Booking!

Non-Refundable Hotel Reservations – Transfer The Booking!

Do you have a hotel booking that you can no longer use? Cancelling a pre-booked hotel room can result in cancellation fees. The solution? Transferring the reservation to another guest! Transferring is the innovative, cost effective solution to wasted bookings.

How do I transfer my hotel booking? is the only peer to peer marketplace that allows you to list your hotel to an audience of international buyers looking for last minute deals. Here’s our last minute no-hassle guide:

1. Register For Free

Registration is free and easy – you can also sign in with your social profile which we encourage! This adds trust for people when you use a real profile image and add details to your people. It only takes a few minutes!

2. Create Your Listing

Creating your listing is an easy three step process. The first step is telling us what type of travel that you have, where it is and when it is for. The second step is adding a title and description. The third step is adding the price. It’s as easy as that! We have a live chat function so if you have any questions as you go – don’t hesitate to reach out to us along the way. You can also email with any queries. We always suggest that you double check before you list the transfer policy for your individual travel booking and their terms and conditions.

3. Once Your Travel Has Sold, Transfer All The Details To The Buyer Within 72 Hours

You will be notified once your travel has sold and an open dialogue will open between you and the buyer. This is where you can transfer all of your details within 72 hours. We hold payment for the buyer for 7 days until they are satisfied with the sale and until the travel has taken place. You will receive your payment once they say “Bon Voyage”.

It’s as easy as that! Transferring not only puts money back in your wallet it allows other guest to enjoy the hotel stay. Put a stop to wasted bookings and discover

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