Selling An Unwanted Travel Voucher - Sell your travel tickets.

Selling An Unwanted Travel Voucher

Can I really re-sell my travel voucher to someone else?

Have you ever gotten that voucher or gift card that was well intentioned but didn’t quite make the cut of a store that you would ever visit. Perhaps your flight was cancelled or delayed and you got a voucher for the inconveniences but you won’t be flying anytime soon? Maybe you even were lucky enough to win a voucher in a raffle or through a work function. The answer is that yes, most vouchers allow you to change the name on them or they can be used by someone else. Selling your unwanted voucher is the best way of making some of your money back. You can make the transfer by changing the name or transferring the physical voucher to someone else.

Where can I sell my travel voucher?

In the past, anyone with a travel voucher had to either keep it and lose out on that money or use it one something they didn’t really want to. Another option was heading to online listing sites like craigslist or Facebook. The security of these is never guaranteed, and so you can’t be sure you’re dealing with genuine buyers and sellers. We have stepped in to offer users a safe and dedicated place to sell unwanted travel vouchers of all kinds. 

Will I make my money back selling my unwanted travel voucher?

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your travel voucher instead of keeping it, you will need to decide on a price to sell it for. Although it is tempting to try and make all your money back, don’t forget that the buyers in this market are looking for a bargain. They will happily take your voucher off your hands, but it’s not likely they will want to pay the full market value. Look to a percentage discount to encourage buyers. The percentage is advertised on the front of the listing.

What details do I need to add to my ad for selling my travel voucher?

Add as many details as you possibly can to your ad because this appeals to the buyer more. When someone can understand what they are buying and from who that builds trust and they are more likely to buy from you. Signing in with social logins makes your profile more accessible to others. You don’t need to exchange critical information with other people, you can exchange details like emails and phone numbers in our message system within our website. We suggest using PayPal to exchange money. They have a buyers guarantee so you can make sure that you are getting exactly what is advertised.

Can I change the name on my travel voucher?

If you’re selling your travel voucher, you should call your vacation provider to check that the names on the tickets can definitely be changed.

What about the name change fees?

Make sure you outline any details of name transfer fees or extra charges before you sell your vacation. You can offer to cover these costs as a further incentive to sell, but ensure you state what your expectations are in your listing, and of course check all the fees so you’re not left out of pocket.

When should I transfer all the name change details?

Once you sell your travel voucher, make sure you get the new information and change the name details as soon as possible. You could even exchange part of the money, change the name on the booking and then accept the rest of the money. This is fair for both the buyers and seller.

So you think you’re ready to sell your travel voucher? Head straight to our selling page to get started on your listing!