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Train Travel, The Love/Hate Relationship | with Journeys With Jessica

Train Travel. You either love it or you hate it. Trains rarely run on time, sometimes they don’t run at all, and they’re generally so full you can never find a seat. Most of the time you end up sitting on the floor, next to the stinking toilet. On the other hand, train travel can be great. There are no check in desks, no need to turn up 3 hours before your departure time, and no baggage restrictions. You can see mountains out your window, and sometimes you can even see the sea. You can hop from city to city, you can snap up fares at ridiculously cheap prices and you also get a LOT of legroom. Train travel is a great way of getting around, but it can also be a pain in the backside, and here’s five reasons why…

Train Travel

You Can Be Totally Flexible


We all know that our travel plans can change right at the last minute – we’ve all been there! Whether it’s due to illness, forgetfulness or lateness, changing or cancelling your train tickets are a gazillion times easier than having to change/cancel flights – and a fraction of the price too! Fares are usually not overly expensive, and trains run so frequently that you can just hop on another one if you miss your scheduled departure, as long as your ticket enables you to do so!


Unless you have a flexible, off peak, return anytime kinda ticket then yes, it can be expensive to miss your scheduled train, and it is a pain in the neck! Always try to stick to your scheduled time as ticket inspectors are strict on this, particularly throughout Europe and the UK!

Train Travel

You Can Take As Much Luggage As You Like


No more baggage-allowance-must-be-under-15kg-before-leaving malarkey before hopping on a train… you can take as MUCH luggage as your heart desires, within reason! You’re unlikely to be stopped if you have a few bags on you, but you may get asked a few questions if you bring a small house along for the ride. The lack of luggage restriction means you can pretty much pack as much as you want, and you can take liquids on board too – bonus!


taking 2 suitcases, a rucksack, a handbag and a clutch might become a little annoying if you’re running from station to station, trying to find a seat or somewhere to plonk all your luggage. You may want to sit near the storage racks so you can keep an eye on all your bags, and this might limit your seating choice.

You Can Get A Decent Sleep


It’s well known that planes are notoriously bad for those who like to get a good nap in whilst travelling, so trains enable you to catch up on some much-needed zzzz’s when you’re on the move.


Ok so they’re better than planes, but some seats on trains are NOT comfy at allll, and the layout can be pretty weird, especially when you have someone sat directly opposite you and you don’t know where to look! *immediately pretends to be asleep to avoid direct eye contact*

You Can Meet Tonnes Of New People


Train travel is really good for meeting new people, especially if you’re inter-railing around Europe as most travellers tend to be under 25 if they have a special youth pass, perfect if you’re on your own and want a new friend to hang with!


Trains are often crowded, busy and incredibly noisy when there are lots of people on board, especially if you’re feeling unsociable and you just want to put your headphones in and zone out!

You Can Turn Up With Seconds To Spare


Who needs to turn up three hours before the departure time? As long as you’re on board before the whistle blows, you’re good to go!


This is extremely stressful and may cause immediate panic to all concerned! Try to arrive at least 10-15mins before departure just to allow for any issues, and to lower your heart rate!

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Train Travel

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