The Top 10 Beaches in the World

The Top 10 Beaches in the World

The Top 10 Beaches in the World

Nothing says holiday more than a beautiful beach. The world is filled with idyllic coastlines, and we’ve rounded up a few of the best to inspire your last minute travel.

Walk this way for the perfect sands…

1 – Trunk Bay – St. John, United States Virgin Islands

Said to be one of the most photographed beaches in the world, Trunk Bay rests within the Virgin Islands National Park.  Its serene waters are home to a snorkelling trail, and its pale sands

edge towards hiking paths that snake into lush green landscapes filled with sugar cane plantations.

2 – Barnes Bay – Anguilla

Your feet will thank you when they wander across this sublime beach. Scattered with some of the softest sands known to man, this stunning bay stretches into bright turquoise waters… it’s what your desert island daydreams are made of.

3 – Horseshoe Bay – Bermuda

This hidden gem boasts a shoreline sprinkled with Bermuda’s famed soft pink sands. Lapped at by shallow jewel waters that are ideal for paddling, this magical beach edges towards dazzling rock formations that provide plenty of hideaways to escape to.

4 – Waipio Valley Beach – Big Island, Hawaii

Notoriously difficult to get to, this volcanic sandy beach is well worth the journey. Hike down a steep trail and you’ll be rewarded with slick sands that are fringed by sheer cliff sides and rich

rainforests. Head to the south of the beach for the magnificent Waiulili and Kaluahine waterfalls.

5 – Praia Mole – Florianopolis, Brazil

Praia Mole wins for its atmosphere alone. This sandy cove is lined with stylish restaurants, beach bars and hangouts, and it’s a

popular spot with watersports pros. Head here for a day of sunshine soaking and people watching.

6 – Sunset Beach – Oahu, Hawaii

What’s a top ten beach with a perfect sunset? Sunset beach certainly lives up to its name, and boasts dreamy golden red hues come sundown. Travel here in the summer for calm waters that are ideal for snorkelling, or visit in the winter for huge waves that attract the best surfers in the world.

7 – El Nido – Palawan, Philippines

This group of islands boasts endless white sandy beaches, all of which are sure to stun any visitor. Bright white sand dazzles in the sunshine here, bordered by rugged limestone formations and sparkling blue waters – this is truly beach heaven.

8 – Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Find the Brazil you’ve been dreaming of on Ipanema Beach, a bustling mile long stretch of golden sands that is filled with entertainment. Watch the locals playing volleyball, football and

foot volley, sip on a beer whilst the sun soars, and gaze over to the Dois Irmãos mountains in the distance.

9 – Long Beach – Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Boasting some of the palest and softest sands on the island, Long Beach is a laid back setting for snorkelling and shark spotting.

Tonsai Bay is just a short walk or boat ride away for all night partying, but this beach offers a peaceful place to retreat to later.

10 – Fraser Island – Queensland, Australia

Our top ten list wouldn’t be complete without a beach in Australia. The largest sand island on the planet, this world heritage destination is home to golden shores that stretch from

rugged cliffs, and the multihued sands of Rainbow Beach.  If we’ve got you dreaming of last minute holidays or an exotic beach escape, why not take a look at our latest cheap travel

listings and see if you can discover your own little sandy haven?

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