7 People You'll (Try To) Book A Holiday With This Year

Booking a holiday with your mates can be so stressful. Which of these types will you take on your next girls/lads holiday?

Posted 22 January 2019 Read Article

Benefits Of Travel For Your Mental Health

Travelling can improve your happiness. Find out why your next vacation could beat the January blues and how to make the most of your travel experiences.

Posted 21 January 2019 Read Article

Investing In Customers: Travel Insurance & Technology

The travel insurance industry and technology go hand-in-hand. Find out why they should turn their attention towards digital platform to help their customers.

Posted 18 January 2019 Read Article

The Extortionate Cost Of Name Change Fees

Airlines notoriously charge a ridiculously high fee for a simple name change. We believe that name change fees should be reasonable and all tickets should be transferable - find out why.

Posted 15 January 2019 Read Article

What Do I Do If My Travel Partner Bails On Our Trip?

Partner or friend flaked out and left you with a holiday for two you can no longer use? Never fear, there are four ways you can make sure that your trip (and your money) doesn’t go to waste.

Posted 14 January 2019 Read Article

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