10 Songs that Will Leave You with a Severe Case of Wanderlust

Here Zac Green from popular music blog ZingInstruments.com gives us the ultimate list of songs that will leave you with an itch to travel.


1. I’ve Been Everywhere - Johnny Cash

I’ve Been Everywhere reads like a list of places that Cash played in. Literally. Next time you’re stuck for a travelling destination, whack this on. By the time it’s done you’ll have heard a few dozen places to give you plenty of ideas. Plus, it’d be fun to sing along and be able to honestly mean every word. Just prepare to spend a lot of time on the road if you want to make the full list.

2. Road Trippin’ - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

The first verse is a perfect instruction manual on how to take a road trip. Get your two best friends, load up on snacks and get lost somewhere. What more do you need? If listening to this doesn’t make you want to get out and explore, nothing will.

3. Nightcall - Kavinsky

Although lyrically there isn’t much to do with travelling, the overall feel and inclusion in the soundtrack for the 2011 film Drive makes it the perfect song for getting in the car with no destination in mind.

4. Wandering - Radical Face

“Well, I know it’s a good life

Yeah, I know it’s a good life

But I’ve gotta keep moving

I was made to keep moving”

With lyrics like that, it’s hard not to see how this is the ultimate song for travelling. It’s something many of us can identify with easily. Despite often having an okay lifestyle, you just can’t help but imagine what else is out there that you haven’t seen yet.

5. King of the Road - Roger Miller

There’s something romantic about the idea of the old fashioned hobo. Travelling from city to city, working random jobs to pay for a room somewhere and then getting up to go wherever you want when you get bored. It’s also incredibly catchy, has an old-timey optimism and delightfully simple to join in with.

6. Cars - Gary Numan

Being able to drive is like having a way out. In this case, Numan seems to identify his car as a safe place. It’s possibly the most 80’s driving song ever, and lends itself well to any trip, especially if you’re planning on tapping your hands on the wheel for any length of time. Those drums are far too catchy.

7. The Passenger - Iggy Pop

If you don’t play this the first time your friend passes his driving test and you get the aux cord, are you even travelling? Lyrically, the song is straight forward. “Get into the car/ We’ll be the passenger/ We’ll ride through the city tonight” which can’t be argued with. It’s not going to be the song that takes you deep into the jungle, but it’s great for on the road.

8. On the Road Again - Canned Heat

Right from that first deep south riff kicks in, you’re already out the house. By the time the harmonica starts up, it seems like the ideal vehicle would be one of those Florida swamp hovercraft contraptions, but it would likely drown out this brilliant song. Regardless, it’s definitely one of those songs that will leave you with a severe case of wanderlust, possibly dreaming of being a Clint Eastwood cowboy figure while you’re at it.

9. A Horse With No Name - America

Who said travelling music has to be complicated? A few chords and simple vocals can do the job just as well, if not better. If you don’t find yourself in the middle of Mexico up to your eyeballs on peyote after listening to this, you’ve gone very badly wrong somewhere.

10. Leaving on a Jet Plane - John Denver

If aliens came to Earth to abduct people, they would have people lining up to be probed if they played this over their radio. It’s the number one song to play just before going on holiday. If you play it at any other time you will end up booking a flight somewhere. This has actually been noted by physicists as one of the laws of nature that governs our universe.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best songs that will leave you with a severe case of wanderlust, although you could have stuck around to let us know which was your favourite at least. Just saying.


  • Kind Of The Road - Roger Miller
  • Zing Instruments
  • Leaving On A Jet Plane - John Denver
  • A Severe Case Of Wanderlust
  • On The Road Again - Canned Heat
  • Wanderlust
  • Cars - Gary Numan
  • Nightcall - Kavinsky
  • Johnny Cash
  • A Horse With No Name - America
  • A Case Of Wanderlust
  • The Passenger - Iggy Pop
Posted 12 October 2017

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