10 Weird and Wonderful Festivals That You Didn'’t Know About

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Festivals are not only one of the best methods to bring people together sharing moments of joy and amusement but also a great way to obtain unforgettable impressions. Since the world is full of strange but creative individuals, it is not surprising to see so many weird and wonderful fairs around the globe.

Most people attend festivals to explore foreign cultures and socialize but there are many other motives, too. In this article, we will present you the 10 most interesting and amusing events and carnivals that you simply must visit in your lifetime.


Top 10 Festivals around the Globe

Festivals are fun and amusing but they also make you happier than other people. According to social behavior experts at Aussie Writings, such events break your everyday routine and make you more energized and satisfied.

That’s why you should stop asking yourself whether to attend carnivals or not. You only need to choose the best ones and we are here to help you in that regard.


World Toe Wrestling Championships (England)

Even if you were prepared for some really weird festival themes, we believe that our first pick surprised you at least a little bit. The World Toe Wrestling Championships is an event with a 40-year tradition. Residents of Wetton in Staffordshire wanted to create a unique competition back at the time but they probably didn’t expect that it would become one of the strangest and most amusing July events in the world.


Stars of the White Nights (Russia)

The Stars of the White Nights offers visitors a wide variety of events and gatherings during May, June, and July in one of the Russia’s most beautiful cities, St Petersburg. If you enjoy high-quality music, you should definitely visit this event. With its numerous operas, ballet performances, and concerts, the Stars of the White Nights make the never-ending days in St Petersburg so magical and romantic.

Gay Pride Parade (The Netherlands)

Besides being the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is widely known for its human rights and freedoms. That’s exactly why the most popular gay parade takes place in this city each summer. Thousands of people march through the streets and participate in the canal parade on the first Saturday of August. If you love the pink color and happy people, this is the perfect event for you.

Golden Retriever Festival (Scotland)

If you want to see the largest group of Golden Retrievers in one place, there is no better place to go than the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland. Although it doesn'’t have such a long tradition –(it was organized in 2006 for the first time)– this event is a genuine pilgrimage for all owners of this beautiful dog breed. But be careful if you take your Golden to Scotland: you might as well lose it among hundreds of other puppies of the same kind.

Glastonbury (England)

Probably the biggest and the most important music festival in the world takes place in Glastonbury, England. Each June, some of the greatest rock bands play for five days near Pilton, Somerset. It’s the celebration of freedom and alternative culture with hundreds of thousands of participants who attend Glastonbury each year. The biggest greenfield festival hosted a vast majority of the most influential performers in the history of rock music, from Bob Dylan and Van Morrison to Radiohead and Oasis.

Wife Carrying World Championship (Finland)

Finland has developed a strong culture of women’s rights over decades and perhaps that’s the reason why they even started organizing the wife carrying festival in the town of Sonkajärvi. The real origins of this event remain unknown but we do know that it dates back to 1992. Finnish men consider wife carrying a real sport and compete fiercely while carrying their wives over more than 250 meters. However, the prize is very valuable – it’s the quantity of beer that equals the wife’s weight in kilograms.

Running of the Bulls (Spain)

Can you imagine taking part in the event during which you have to run and avoid raging bulls? Neither can we! However, the Running of the Bulls is an extremely popular fair in the Spain-based city of Pamplona and it gathers thousands of visitors each year. The principle is simple: they let the group of angry bulls run down the narrow streets of Pamplona and your mission is to run away from it. On average, some 250 people are not able to escape, so they end up being injured more or less seriously. Not weird at all.

Comic-Con International (California)

Have you ever thought about how it would be to actually meet the sci-fi characters in person and experience the atmosphere of animated movies? If yes, then you should not skip the Comic-Con International in San Diego, California, in July. It gives you the opportunity to see a majority of genre’s characters live but also to meet real movie stars during the event.

La Tomatina (Spain)

Valencia hosts one of the strangest but most exciting festivals in the world, La Tomatina. At the end of August, people gather on the streets of this Spanish city to enjoy the good old tomato battles. It just can’t get better than that!

Oktoberfest (Germany)

Oktoberfest may not be so strange but it definitely is spectacular. Taking place in Munich in the second half of September and the first week of October, this fair attracts thousands of beer lovers from all over the world. Together, they drink a few beers, which amount to a mere 7 million litres a year.

There are all sorts of weird and intriguing festivals around the world but they all have one common objective - to make people more relaxed and happier. If you want to break the monotony of everyday life, you should dedicate some time to visiting such extraordinary events. In this article, we made our top 10 list of the best fairs and carnivals. Let us know what you think about it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!


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Posted 20 October 2017

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