14 Reasons To Leave The UK This February

Top Destinations For February 2019


1. Go somewhere where there is proper snow

Every January and February in the UK, it’s like we’ve never seen snow before. The buses, trains and planes are all delayed, plus there’s no food in the shops because everyone is panic-buying their milk. In reality, the ground is a bit slippy and you have to turn the heating on in the mornings. Escape to a real winter wonderland for glittering icicles, snowmen and big marshmallows bobbing in a hot chocolate. At least they know how to handle the cold.



2. Skiing and snowing outdoors

Indoor fake snow centres are great for beginners or refresher sessions when you can’t get on a plane. Imagine treading in crisp, white snow, skiing or snowboarding down beautiful mountains, and warming up by the fire aprés-ski.


3. You need some vital Vitamin D

There’s only so much that the vitamins from Holland and Barrett can do for you. You need the real deal: the sun. If snow isn’t for you, why not break up the miserable winter months with a trip to a Mediterranean hotspot (no pun intended).


4. Travel before the Brexit backlash

Sorry to bring up the dreaded ‘B’ word! Travel plans will be fine after 29 March 2019, but it is worth considering a trip before Brexit just to avoid the longer airport queues and new regulations that are predicted for the summer.


5. There are no bank holidays until April

New Year’s Day was the last bank holiday in the UK (unless you’re in Scotland and got two days off in January, or in Northern Ireland and will have 18 March off work). For the rest of the UK, there are 107 days before the next bank holiday on 19 April 2019. You definitely deserve a little time off between now and then, even if it’s just a weekend away to unwind.


6. Use up that annual leave

For many people, annual leave starts again in April rather than January, so if you’ve found yourself foregoing holidays to stay on top of work, make sure you take your days off. February leaves plenty of time before year-end to spend some well-deserved time away from the office.


7. Escape the Valentine’s Day hype...

If you’re single, you probably don’t want to be surrounded by loved-up couples and love heart advertisements. Hop on a plane at the last minute without breaking the bank to spend some quality alone time


8. ...Or go somewhere truly romantic

Hey, maybe Valentine’s Day is your thing, in which case you should go all out for it. Book a trip away and surprise your loved one.



9. It is so cheap!

Seriously, February is one of the cheapest months to travel to and from Europe’s best destinations. Not many people have picked up on just how good it is to start the year with a bit of adventure so the airfares are cheap, the hotel prices are cheap and the taxis, restaurants and attractions are cheap. That post-Christmas paycheck will go far.

10. Off-peak

Not only will your wallet feel nice and heavy, but you also won’t be fighting for space with crowds of tourists. Imagine seeing the main sights of your favourite city without having to queue up for hours on end. You could even get that perfect Instagram shot of the Eiffel Tower or the Pantheon without having hoards of people walking in front of your shot.


11. Get on top of that New Year’s resolution to learn a new language

80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. Don’t become a statistic and keep at it. If your resolution is to travel more, then do it. If you want to learn a new language, where better than the country where it’s spoken. Immerse yourself in new cultures and be in the 20% who keeps their resolution for 2019.


12. Sick of turkey and soup

Are you sick of leftovers from Christmas and soups to battle your cold? Think of the beautiful tapas dishes you could be eating right now. Chorizo instead of turkey, paella instead of chicken soup, patatas bravas instead of jacket potatoes...


13. Make the most of half term

Parents will know just how important it is to make the most of the school holidays. Considering that February is the cheapest time to travel when there’s a break in school terms, make the most of the week off and spend a long weekend somewhere beautiful as a family. Plus, the lack of queues is great for younger kids as they won’t get bored or restless.

14. Live in the moment

Maybe this isn’t a real reason but 2019 is definitely the year of embracing the Carpe Diem mindset. You probably won’t remember the February you spent huddled under a blanket, slurping tomato soup for the third time that week and binge-watching a Netflix Original Series. If you can get a last minute trip at the price you’d pay months in advance, what’s stopping you from clicking ‘buy’ on a trip you’ll remember for years to come?


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Posted 1 February 2019

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