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Weekend trips away are a serious not so guilty pleasure of mine. I love hopping on a short flight and booking a couple nights at a swanky hotel. You get the perks (room service/ maid service) of a holiday but at a fraction of the cost because it’s just for a couple nights. That being said. Packing for short trips can be total HELL. Like sweaty palms, high anxiety, “is this even worth it”, type hell. You don’t want to check a large suitcase, but carry-on luggage can be super limiting when you think about hair products, hair tools, makeup, outfits for day/night, purses, bags, sweaters, jackets, socks, panties, SHOES?!? That’s a lot of shit. Luckily I’ve kinda mastered the Carry-On, so that YOU don’t have to. Disclaimer: This is more for the ladies, because let’s face it, men are happy to wear the same pair of boxers 2 days in a row.

1. Black booties - My biggest struggle is foot wear. Shoes take up so much room and I’m always asking myself if I should bother throwing in that pair of heels or not. Enter the simple black bootie. Can easily take you from day to night and can be worn in every season.

2. Leave the hair tools at home! Shampoo? Conditioner? Hair spray? That’s a lot of liquid and unless you bring the minis you will be forced to check your bag. Instead, I always treat myself to a blow-out at a local salon. Usually only around $30, the stylist will wash, and style your hair meaning you don’t have to! Plus second day curls can look totally sexy, but in that I didn’t try kinda way.

3. Black and white everything. The minimalism trend is going strong right now, and I’m looooving it. By limiting the wardrobe to basic colors it makes everything that much easier to piece together and wear in different ways. My travel staple outfit is a black leather jacket, white t, black skinny jeans and white converse. Effortlessly chic.

4. Backpacks. No not the dirty traveller kind. Leave that for a trip to SE ASIA Puhhhlease. I’m talking about a cute little bag that can transition from your day to night, plane to hotel, streets to night club. I personally have a leather one with tassels that is tres chic and the perfect accessory to bring on any weekend trip.

5. Oils! Remember how we said to leave all the hair stuff at home?! One beauty product to bring is a multipurpose oil. Think Argan, Coconut, or Almond. Super moisturizing and super multipurpose. I use oils on the ends of my hair, as a moisturizer, primer, and to remove make-up! Pack a small vile and you’ll be set!

By Liz from The Tongue In Chic

Facebook: @thetongueinchic

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Posted 17 November 2016

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