5 Tips On How To Backpack On A Budget

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As someone who has been backpacking for about half a decade, I have noticed that a burning issue with most of us backpackers is how to cut our cost while on the trail. I mean let's face it, how far out you can travel as a backpacker will ultimately depend on how fast you run out of funds. Below are my 5 ultimate tips on how to backpack on a budget.

#1 Tip On How To Backpack On A Budget: Pack Light

Though this concept is fairly popular with most backpackers, not as many get to implement it. The size and weight of your backpack could cost you a small fortune especially if you have to travel by air (and with backpacking every dollar counts). As a general rule, I never let my bag's weight exceed the 17 to 20 lbs threshold; after all there is little difference between packing for 2 weeks and packing for 3 months.

The secret to not over packing as most newbies often do is to stick with color neutral clothes such as black (a must have for me), white, etc. And to only take the essentials along. When backpacking for say 3 months, the contents of my bag are as follows:

  • 4 tops

  • A sweater

  • 2 pants

  • 5 undies

  • 1 bra

  • 4 innerwear

  • 3 pair of socks (1 for sleeping)

  • 1 face cap

  • 1 knitted cap for sleeping

  • A bathing kit containing soap, sponge, toothbrush, toothpaste, and makeup kit

  • 1 small towel for easy drying

  • 2 pairs of shoe (1 for walking and another for outings)

  • A pair of gloves

  • Solar charger and plug

#2 Tip On How To Backpack On A Budget: Crowds are Cheap

Backpacking as a group could save you some valuable bills. Just like with clothes, most of the accommodations we lodge in while backpacking could easily take one or two more persons. Sharing the cost of accommodation will ensure that you don't get out of pocket soon. The same is true for food stuffs and other things bought in bulk. Plus numbers provide security and while making your backpacking trip more interesting.

#3 Tip On How To Backpack On A Budget: Be Flexible With Your Plans & Ticket

If you have ever missed a plane or arrived late to a reserved hotel, then you definitely know how hard such an experience hits the wallet. To avoid such a scenario, it is important that you belong to an online group of backpackers or travelers. This provides you a ready market for those tickets that are near maturity and can't be used by you. TransferTravel.com offers travelers a unique and secure platform on which to sell tickets they can no longer use. Though you will probably sell them at a discount, it is better than losing out entirely. If you find yourself in the predicament...create a new listing!

#4 Tip On How To Backpack On A Budget: Hitchhike Every Chance You Get

Sticking a thumb out towards the road could go a long way in reducing your travel budget. However, before hitchhiking, it is important that you find out whether or not it is legal in the area you are backpacking in. Remember to stay neat and to keep the conversation on general topics while hitchhiking.

#5 Tip On How To Backpack On A Budget: You Are A Backpacker, Not A Tourist

Remember this at all times and your wallet will be grateful. I know how alluring those tourist buses could look and how you could tell yourself it wouldn’t hurt to spend just one night in that fancy three star hotel. You could have all of those if you wish but have it at the back of your mind that it will only limit the amount of time spent at your destination. From my experience, especially in Asia and America, natives always make for the best guides, and living amongst them exposes you to scenic locations and an authentic experience like none other.

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Posted 17 November 2017

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