You can see something in a magazine, you can see something on TV, you can even watch videos on youtube but none of these are able to compare with seeing these views following in real life. With bright city lights, colours of azure, the ongoing expanse of red rock and crystal white and snow-topped mountains, these five views simply can not be missed.


1. Top of the Rock | NYC | USA

It may be no surprise that New York City was going to feature here at some point as home to a fantastic viewpoint, but it may come as a surprise that the view from the Top of the Rock beats that of The Empire State.

Found in Manhattan'’s midtown, this world-famous viewpoint is found at the top of the Rockefeller Center. The building and the original sky deck was opened in 1933, but the platforms on the  67th, 69th and 70th floors which we stand on today officially opened in 2005 after a major renovation. The 360-degree views not only offer up tremendous views of the Empire State Building but also views across the Hudson River, Central Park and further views of Downtown. Although fantastic views are to be had throughout the day, the best time to make your ascent to the top is sunset through to twilight when the city becomes magical.


2. The Grand Canyon | Arizona | USA

The Grand Canyon may well be on around 99% of peoples bucket lists and it sure doesn't disappoint. Stretching a phenomenal 277 miles long, 18 miles wide and around 1 mile deep,  the canyon formed by the carving of the Colorado River has around 5 million visitors each year. There are several ways to marvel at the Canyon, with many choosing to hike and bike as well as visit both North and South Rims and take flight on a helicopter. The most popular view is found at the south rim, which is open annually, although this is weather permitting.


3. Schlithorn | Murren | Switzerland

If you are a fan of pine trees and fresh alpine air, this viewpoint is for you. Made famous by the George Lazenby Bond Film ‘ On Her Majesty's Secret Service’. Standing at 9744ft, the view is above the clouds is simply majestic. It takes just 30 minutes by cable car from the Alpine town of Murren to reach the summit and although queues may be slow you will not be disappointed upon reaching the top. As well as dramatic views, the summit is also home to a Bond 007 museum, a 360-degree restaurant and a souvenir shop. On a super clear day, you will be able to marvel down into the Lauterbrunnen Valley and across the dramatic skyline that snow-topped mountains, including Jungfrau and Titlis, provide.


4. Lake Mackenzie | Fraser Island | Australia

if Fraser Island hadn't already won you over with its sunsets, endless beaches and wild dingoes, then a visit to Lake Mackenzie is a must. Perhaps the most iconic lake on the world’s biggest sand island, it attracts around 2000 visitors a day at peak season. (May to November)

With its white sand beach and distinct two-tone azure, crystal clear waters, you’ll find yourself more than inclined to take a dip.  Due to the local environment and high levels of acidity in the water, the lake remains inhabitable for nearly all forms of plants and animals- meaning, you don’t need to worry about Australia’s deadliest. Even if taking a dip isn’t your thing, grabbing your camera for a few snaps will provide you with glorious photos and fantastic memories.


5. Salar de Uyuni | Potosi | Bolivia

If you ever want to feel like you'’ve stepped into a dream or even perhaps a parallel universe, then a day trip exploring the Bolivian Salt Flats might be just the spectacle you are desiring. The ongoing, forever expanding whiteness will have you truly mesmerised. The 4086 square miles of salt lays at 11995 feet above sea level and is best explored by jeep. In the centre of the flats, you will find ‘Isla Incahuasi’, an island expanding 61 acres and open to explore for a small fee. The top of the island provides an fantastic view across the never-ending whiteness and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to spot a few wandering llamas.  At the entrance to the flats, you will also discover a train cemetery. Uyuni had originally been a major distribution hub for Pacific Ocean ports but after the collapse of the mining industry in 1940 trains where left abandoned.

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Posted 18 October 2016

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