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6 Hidden Treasures of Amsterdam

Our latest guest post comes from our Travel Ambassador Enora, french blogger living in the Netherlands. She blogs at A Frog On The Run.

Amsterdam is one of the most touristic city in Europe, and it is pretty obvious why: with its little canals, tiny streets and countless bars and restaurants, the city is perfect for a romantic weekend away, or a good party to remember.

But visiting Amsterdam can be more stressful than you would like your holidays to be. Too crowded, too expensive, although there are many must-seen places and museums, sometimes all you want is a bit of peace and quiet for a couple of hours.

You’re in luck : Amsterdam is also full of hidden little places that are definitely worth a visit. Without all the tourists. Here’s a list of our favourite ones.

Amsterdam Hidden Treasure #1 : The Vondelbunker

Yes, it’s an actual bunker! The Vondelbunker is an underground ‘secret’ location, located just under a bridge of the Vondelpark (which also happens to be the most popular park of Amsterdam). It hosts varieties of activities like concerts, art exhibits, dinners etc. There is also a micro beer brewery inside, called Bunkerbier. This is a place to go if you fancy doing some out of ordinary cultural things in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam hidden treasure #2 : The Schellingwouderpark

The Schellingwouderpark is one of Amsterdam’s best kept secret park. Located in Amsterdam Noord, just 15 minutes away by bike from central station, it is a unique natural heaven. Opened just a few years ago, it is not over-crowded like the other parks of the city. In fact, it doesn’t look like any other parks in the city either: most of it is a natural reserve. Go check the amazing view on the Ij!

Amsterdam Hidden Treasure #3 : Fruittin Van West

Fancy a healthy day in Amsterdam ? Head over to Fruittin van West, as its name indicates, located in Amsterdam West, and… pick your own fruits ! The little farm within the city also allows you to take some fresh eggs, from their own chickens, home with you. A great way to find some fresh, organic food in Amsterdam, and enjoy a bit of nature within the city.

Amsterdam hidden treasure #4 : De Hollandsche Manege

Unless you were looking for it, you probably wouldn’t spot De Hollandsche manege, located right next to the Vondelpark of Amsterdam. This horse stable and equestrian school is well hidden from public view. If you’re not into riding horses, you can still sit down at the bar just above the manege and relax with a drink while watching horses underneath.

Amsterdam hidden treasure #5 : The Teapot Museum

There is a Teapot Museum hidden in a tiny alley just off Spuistraat, which is one of the most well-kept secrets of Amsterdam. The teapot museum displays about 100 different types of tea pots and serves, off course, high tea. Go treat yourself ! You can even dress up…

Amsterdam hidden treasure #6 : Free Art Hallway

Fancy some museum art, for free ? Just next to the Museum of Amsterdam, there is a free art hallway. It is called the Schuttersgalerij, located just off the Kalverstraat. Modern or antic art, you’ll find a bit of everything there !

There are many hidden places in Amsterdam that are worth a visit, and you might stumble upon some of them while walking around. Share your favourite spots and pictures with us in a comment!