6 Ways To Get The Most From Your Last-Minute Caravan Holidays

In this blog, TransferTravel.com reveals 6 ways you can get the most fun, value and happiness from your last-minute caravan holiday. Pull out the deck chair, get your portable speaker charged and let’s head out into nature.

1. One way to absolutely nail this trip is choosing the right location. Parking your caravan on any old site, just wont cut it. Do some research, find out whether you can park your van up on a local beach or even plan a road trip to a location you have always wanted to visit. Whether you are looking to explore or just appreciate a familiar sunset, the beauty of a caravan is that it’s a home-from-home on wheels and if you don’t like one location, you can just drive off (make sure you have plenty of fuel)

2.  Make sure your caravan site has great facilities, hot showers, flushing toilets. Some sites have swimming pools and tennis courts, it depends what kind of holiday you are looking for. Please check whether your caravan park allows for campfires before igniting one for your BBQ (some sites are stricter than others).

3. Another thing to consider when you are booking your trip is your pitch size. A caravan alone requires a lot less space than a caravan with an awning. You need to decide how many people are joining you and the season you are going - an awning might be too cold to stay in during the winter months.

4. If you have a pet and you want to bring them along on your caravan holiday, check with the site you are choosing to stay at. Most sites are pet friendly and will have lots of space for your dog to run wild and free!

5. Don’t forget electrical items that are either battery powered, or bring a generator along with you. If you aren’t bringing a generator, please ensure that you bring batteries with you. There is nothing worse than it getting dark and your flashlight running out of power as you hear some rustling from outside your caravan door.

6. TransferTravel.com’s top tip is to have fun! Whether it is raining or the sun is shining, we hope you have the most amazing time.

> Take some outdoor equipment to host a game of rounders or tag rugby with the rest of your family or friends.

> Don’t forget to buy some food to create an epic BBQ banquet.

> Explore the local area and go on revitalising hikes.

> For those of you that want to just chill…pull out your deck chair, put on your favourite playlist and pour a cheeky glass of Pimms!

If you are looking for any last-minute camping inspiration, head over to the TransferTravel.com website for our most recent listings.


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Posted 22 February 2018

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