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In the economic times that we live in, spending money like there is no tomorrow is hardly an option. In fact, many people are torn between budgetary constraints and fulfilling their dreams. They lose hope and sight of a fact that there is a way to rise above this predicament and make the magic happen. You do not have to be rich to go on a grand vacation: you just need to be smart with your money. 

  1. Start Planning Early

- “Approach the issue”

If you ask me, no vacation is worth sacrificing your financial security. Blowing the budget is one of those nightmares you hope never to live though. Well, depending on the organization, traveling on a budget can be either a nerve-wracking ordeal or a thrilling adventure. It is never too early to start the preparations and do the legwork. Set your emotions and idealistic notions aside and let rational thinking run the show.

2. Choose A Destination (This is our favourite step!)

It all starts with the choice of destination. Take time and money constraints into account right away. You do not go trekking through the Himalaya when you have only a week off or embark on a journey to world’s most lavish destinations on a shoestring budget. Thus, focus on the type of experience you want to have instead of blindly following trends and what others do. Do a thorough online research and narrow your destination choice accordingly.

3. Calculate Costs

Next, it is time to get into the numbers game. The goal is to factor in all the upcoming expenditures and calculate your vacation’s total costs. The major financial areas are transportation, entertainment, food and lodging. Still, do not neglect a single detail for that is where the devil is. Small figures add up quickly and make a big difference. Also, note that the costs may depend on the time of the year, which brings us to time dimension as well.

4. Give Yourself Time To Plan

The importance of it is twofold. Firstly, it is a good idea to pick an off-season date when prices are not so high and beaches are less crowded. What is more, when you plan expenditures ahead of time, you can create a budget, set savings goals and start adjusting your spending (or ramping up income) straight away. In case you are traveling with other people, encourage them to do the same.

5. Check Out Offers & Deals!

Remember that there is no such thing as comparing prices too much. Sometimes, it is more affordable to buy a package and at other times, it could make more financial sense to cut out the middleman and book separately. I have seen many people deciding to layby holidays because these arrangements allow you to pay for vacation at your own pace. Indeed, it always helps to pay monthly installments as this allows you to mitigate the impact a vacation would otherwise have on your budget.

6. Stick To Your Budget 

Of course, sticking to the set budget is a challenge in its own right. To pull this off, you must also get to know the destination beforehand and figure out places, prices and transportation. But, once you sort out financial and organizational issues, you can sit back and relax. Namely, if you manage to cover all your bases before you hit the road, you will be able to melt the stress away instead of your budget. You will have a time of your life without breaking the bank to pay for it… you don’t want to be eating ham sandwiches daily for the rest of the month!

7. Get The Most For Your Money (Why not!)

With the right plan in place, it is possible to satisfy your champagne taste on a beer budget. Therefore, keep your options open until you discover a perfect destination that works in terms of your specific needs and finances. Going overboard is never a wise move. You want to bring back home fond memories and awe-inspiring pictures, not debut and financial hullaballoo. And when you are footloose and fancy-free, you can immerse yourself in this wonderful traveling experience.

TransferTravel.com’s piece of advise would be to have fun whilst you book. Do not let the stress of booking a holiday ruin the stress eliminator that you are looking for, there are plenty of companies/experts to help, use their assistance when you need them!

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Posted 27 June 2017

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