7 Of The World's Strangest Hotels Revealed

In this blog, we reveal 7 of the World’s hotel’s that are the most bizarre, strange or just downright weird. Think TransferTravel meets Stranger Thing, with a sprinkle of Avatar…

Would you believe us if we told you that you could book a reservation to stay in a giant’s colon?


Crane Hotel Faralda, Amsterdam: First to make it on the list of the world’s strangest hotels is the Crane Hotel Faralda, three luxury suites at the top of a crane! This converted crane boasts spectacular city views from the comfort of high end, quirky suites. The hotel is named after an unknown Dutch lady who was able to realise the impossible. The crane conversion symbolises the ability to realise a dream.


Montana Magica Lodge, ChileDid you ever read The Magic Faraway Tree whilst you were growing up? The Montaña Mágica Lodge, beautifully resembles the tree described in Enid Blyton’s classic, which is why it takes number two on the world’s strangest hotels. The hotel lies in the centre of a 300,000 acre nature reserve in Southern Chile and has a fountain of water falling from the top of the building. One little catch…it’s only accessible by foot…on a swinging rope bridge!


Jumbo Stay, StockholmIn Stockholm, a hostel has been converted from a 1976 Jumbo Jet, taking third spot on the world’s strangest hotels! You can even opt to stay in the luxury cockpit suite that boasts a magical panoramic view - you might even spot some planes landing! From a dorm to a suite, they offer rooms to accommodate for everyone that wishes to visit.


The Boot, New Zealand: Built by Judy and Steve in 2001, this lovely little eccentric boot deserves forth spot on our list. Booking a reservation at The Boot is like entering a fairyland dream and never wanting to leave. The fully equipped cottage is located in the heart of Tasman, surrounded by beaches, mountains and quaint villages. Complete with a spiral staircase to your regal bedroom, fresh flowers and complimentary chocolates…we are already packing our suitcases!


Hotel Casanus, BelgiumSomewhere in Belgium there is a giant who can no longer poop, but now travellers can stay inside his anus…A structure dedicated to the human digestive system, they even offer breakfast if you fancy it? The hotel is located within undisturbed nature habited by black swans, a place to discover starry night skies. At €120 a night to stay inside a replica bowel, the Casanus has made it onto our top strangest hotels!


Palacio De Sal, Bolivia: Welcome to the first salt hotel in the world and number 6 on our list. Built in 1998 by Juan Quesada Valda who had the crazy idea of building the hotel entirely from salt, from the walls to the chairs! Bringing the salt lakes of Bolivia into a luxury hotel suite, the idea is bizarre, magical and genuis!


Sala Silvermine, SwedenTo complete the World’s 7 Strangest Hotels, the Sala Silvermine in Sweden. This hotel has a suite that is 155m underground and is the world’s deepest suite! Surrounded by galleries and cavities, the 2 degree mine is fully equipped with blankets and thick covers (don’t worry they ensure that the actual suite is warmed up to 18 degrees prior to your arrival!) Fancy a night without any mobile phone’s to distract you? With no signal so far underground the only communication you will have to ground level is an intercom radio! It looks incredibly bizarre, yet oh so magical. 






  • 7 Of The World's Strangest Hotels Revealed
Posted 15 February 2018

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