9 Of The Best Reasons To Keep A Travel Journal

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In today’s world, everywhere you look, everybody is telling you to be present or to look to the future, but this isn’t so much the case. This is especially important if you love to travel.

By keeping a travel journal with you on your adventures, you’re creating a story book of your journeys, giving you the chance to relish in your accomplishments, as well as some of the most amazing times of your life. Still, need convincing? Here are nine reasons you’ll love to keep a travel journal.


Whether you’re stuck in an airport, sat on an infinite-hour train journey or simply relaxing on a beach, one of my reasons for having a travel journal is the fact that I can sit back, relax and doodle the hours away, without having to worry about finding a pen and paper.

Keeping in Contact

One of the most helpful aspects of my journal was the ability to quickly write down people’s, hotel’s, hostels and any other important contact information. This includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or anything else that I need to jot down and refer to later quickly. You can even stick business cards in there!

Challenging Boredom

Even though travelling is an amazing experience, there are always times when you’re sat in a restaurant or café, and there’s simply no one else about. In times like this, you’ll be grateful you brought along your trusted journal. You can play with it, organise it or simply start to plan your next couple of days.

For Creating a Travel Blog

I never imagined that I might want to start my own travel blog but keeping a journal meant I could do so in my own time. Once I returned home, I re-typed my journal into a digital format using Pen Flip.

From there, I was able to use Easy Word Count to condense my writing into a blog-length article which was then ready for uploading! Note; another key tools I discovered shortly after were Draft and Eliteassignmenthelp. Honestly, it will make things so much easier!

It’s Something to Call Your Own

When I first started travelling, the idea of keeping a journal never appealed to me. In fact, I always believed it was just extra-weight that would add to my baggage allowance fee. However, once I started, I would never look back. My current journal I use now is a lot neater than my others, but they are all beautiful in their own respects.

One of the biggest excuses I made for not keeping one was that I wasn’t a writer. However, this was never a problem. Using websites like Academadvisor or Resumention I was able to master the very basics of writing such as grammar and punctuation, all of which made writing a journal so much easier!

A Place to Rant

If you’ve travelled before, you’ll already know that it’s not all amazing times and fantastic new memories. When you read that email that your plane has been cancelled and there’s nothing you can do, it’s easy to get angry quickly. Instead, use your journal to rant and rave, allowing you a safe place to vent that anger.

You Can Write How You Please

Your journal is your journal. If you want to make it full of photos you can. If you want to keep it as a diary, you can. However you want to present your adventure to your future self, it’s completely up to you. This is one of the main reasons I fell in love with keeping one.

If you’re writing yours, I stumbled upon Australian Help and Academized, great websites for teaching you how to proofread your journal entries. This saved me so much time when trying to make my journal more readable.

Giving Yourself Time to Relax

When travelling, it can very quickly become exhausting. Both days and nights are filled with non-stop walking, adventures, activities, parties and the sorts, and it’s so easy to get tired.

It’s so important that you give yourself time to relax and there’s no better way to do this than keeping a journal. Even if it takes ten-minutes out of your day, that’s ten-minutes to collect your thoughts and to chill out.

For Telling Stories

Once I had completed my first year-long stint a couple of years ago, I decided to create a small book. Nothing fancy, just simply something for me (or anyone else) to look at whenever they liked. Keeping a travel journal meant that I didn’t have to think back to try to remember every detail, it was all simply written in my book.

If you plan on doing this, I highly recommend using editing tools, such as Bigassignments and Oxessays. The writers here were able to take my journal scribbles to convert them into something a bit more comprehensible!


Keeping a travel journal has so many benefits, and this is only to name a few. Some of the more important aspects I’ll save for you to figure out on your own when you set off on your amazing worldwide adventure.


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Posted 11 September 2017

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