Why An Airbnb Is Sometimes Better Than A Hotel

Airbnb’s offers many things that can outweigh staying in a hotel. You can get the real local view of a location and enjoy home comforts for a fraction of the cost of a hotel

Why An Airbnb Is Sometimes Better Than A Hotel

The Kitchen

Unlike staying in a hotel, even if it has a kitchenette - staying in an Airbnb allows your to use a full kitchen with all the equipment you might need to make a beautiful meal. When traveling food is a large part of what makes somewhere culturally interesting. Imagine staying in italy and visiting a local market early in the morning. You pick up tomatoes, olive oil, fresh eggs from a farmer and a loaf of fresh baked bread. Then you take this bounty back to your Airbnb where you prepare poached eggs on toast with fire roasted tomatoes and olive oil. Sprinkle all of this with sea salt and you have an amazing meal that you can enjoy on the balcony of your Airbnb.

Why An Airbnb Is Sometimes Better Than A Hotel


Staying in an Airbnb allows you the unique opportunity to entertain from right where you are staying. Maybe you’re visiting friends and want to be able to host them where you are staying - Airbnb is perfect for this. You can have friends over, open a bottle of wine and cook for them from the fully stocked kitchen. If you are staying in an entire Airbnb then you can even invite friends to stay over if there is a spare room and your host allows it. The flexibility is endless!

Why An Airbnb Is Sometimes Better Than A Hotel

Bring The Kids

One of the coolest things about staying in an Airbnb is the flexibility it allows especially with kids and babies. There is often a dedicated space for a cot and your children to play. Some Airbnb’s have children's toys or high chairs included in the renting of the Airbnb. Airbnb’s also allow you to enjoy the hosts outdoor space when you are staying which is great for kids wanting to run around and for you wanting to tire them out before bed.

Why An Airbnb Is Sometimes Better Than A Hotel


Breathing room, libraries, steam rooms, pools...the features are endless and the open spaces that staying in an Airbnb can present. Staying in an Airbnb affords you the opportunity for much more space than renting just a hotel room. SInce you are booking to stay in someone's home

Why An Airbnb Is Sometimes Better Than A Hotel


When you stay at an Airbnb you are staying in someone’s home, which in and of itself is unique. When you stay in someone's home you are experiencing a part of their unique personally. Hotels are built to accommodate for everyone which can make them bland and beige.  You know what you’re getting when you booking a hotel but there is little room to be surprised and delighted. Homes reflect the personality of their owner and their tastes. This means that you might end up staying in a posh minimalist high rise apartment or in a yurt in the middle of nowhere. Whatever you fancy there is an Airbnb that will suit your taste or one that will surprise you and teach you something new about the world.


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Posted 4 January 2018

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