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There definitely is a not so glamorous side to travel. While it is amazing and broadens your horizons the realities are harsh and photos don’t always tell the whole story. I want to share my authentic travel stories with you and not just show all the pretty pictures. Sometimes a photo can tell 1000 lies.

Snorkelling in Belize

Snorkelling in Belize is great. As far as I am concerned I liked it as much as I liked the Great Barrier Reef and Australia in general. I saw a much greater variety of fish, coral and even a turtle in Belize, however as much as it looks like I am having a great time here photos can be overly deceiving. This is why my  Australian Great Barrier Reef experience would take the lead in overall enjoyment factors. To get to the GBR we travelled on a fairly large boat which was then attached to a pontoon, with toilets and what not. In Belize our boat was rather small and we docked by letting down the anchor. So, although it may look like I’m having the time of my life, I am actually desperate for a bathroom which was not on board.

Lake Zell, Austria

Lake Zell in Austria is one of the most beautiful lakes that I have ever seen. So beautiful in fact that in a new pair of snow boots I decided to take a walk around the entire lake last December. To start off with, what’s fairly sad about this photo, is that it was actually taken on my way back because I didn't make it anywhere near the whole way round. Aside from the sun going down and time not being on my side, the main reason why I decided to turn around was the fact that my feet had two huge blisters on them. Whilst I could have probably walked straight back to my chalet, even my  bad feet cant resist a photo opportunity so I put on a smile and snapped this shot.

The Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile

The Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile is one of the most wild places I have ever been. It also involved a whole lot of walking… a LOT more than I had ever imagined. Although I knew the distances, in my head I really did believe that it would be a problem. Not a bad way to think I guess! As now 2016 is over I can officially say that the five day trek was the worst five days of my year. My feet officially gave up after day one (when this photo was taken) and my whole body was in the most incredible amount of pain. Not even a metal mug of wine and a glacier could help me.

Petra in Jordan

Petra in Jordan is another place where I genuinely thought I would enjoy a casual stroll. HA.
and so in my canvas shoes, I headed off with one bottle of water in the 30C heat. Once you are at Petra you realise one main thing. There are flies.. everywhere. If you were to stand still for twenty seconds I’m pretty sure no less than twenty flies would have landed on you. One of the main attractions, (and ‘hikes’) is up to the monastery which is 1000 steps! So here I am at the top… severely dehydrated, dripping with sweat and covered in flies.

Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland

Switzerland was my favourite country that I visited in 2016. I visited the town of Lauterbrunnen in the Alps and decided that I wanted to visit Jungfrau (the highest railway station in Europe). Who doesn't want to see some snow in July?!? Switzerland being expensive and me being short on cash decided that I would walk up to the closest village Kleine Scheidegg and board the train from there. The walk was said to take around three hours. Around six hours later and after passing around one hundred cows I arrived absolutely famished, and well.. a bit dizzy. AT NO POINT DID ANYONE TELL ME I WOULD BE WALKING UP A MOUNTAIN 1260 meters to be specific! Generally assumed I thought I would be walking from village to village along the valley bottom. Needless to say that by the time that I actually sat down to eat my food, I had already been sick… Thanks for that altitude. I then slept on the train all the way up to Jungfrau, good job there was such low cloud that there was nothing to see anyway.

My aim is to share with you my authentic travel photos and the stories behind then not to scare you off travelling or make you think that I’m always miserable when I go away. My aim was more to remind you that it isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Authentic travel is occasionally very hard work. Hard work, but worth it.

By Kate from Kate Victoria Photography

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Posted 18 January 2017

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