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Barbados is a small Caribbean island with an area of around 439 kilometres squared (169 squared miles). The island has beautiful white sandy beaches, natural landscapes and is filled with culture.





POPULATION: 284,996 (2016)


1. Eat and sample a flying fish cutter, a sandwich delicacy made with either

swordfish, marlin, mahi mahi or traditional flying fish. Served within a white roll with salad.

2. Go on a rum tour, one of the best rum tours is the Mount Gay Rum tour. The tour takes guests around the distillery, explains the history of the rum and rum production in Barbados.

3. Visit the natural wonder of Harrison’s Cave, a cave with crystallised limestone and picturesque pools.

4. Explore St Nicholas Abbey, a historic plantation house complete with distillery. The plantation has beautiful gardens, the house and a distillery to explore.

5. Take an adventure along the 1.6 kilometre boardwalk between Camelot and Accora beach. This boardwalk takes visitors across a wooden boardwalk along the ocean front with a beautiful sea view, there are also a large number of bars to have a drink or meal at.

6. Relax on Carlisle Bay Beach, a beautiful white sandy beach with turquoise water. The beach has a small number of snack bars and is an amazing place to watch the sunset.

7. If you are lucky enough to visit Barbados between May and August at the end of the sugar cane season, there is the Crop Over Summer Festival. This is a lively festival and carnival which has been held on the island since the 1700’s.

8. Spend the day walking and exploring Bridgetown the islands capital. The city is a world heritage site with lots to look at and explore.

9. Have a go at surfing or bodyboarding on Miami Beach in Oistins.

10. Explore the island by boat, stopping off to snorkel or dive and explore the coral reefs and sunken shipwrecks.

Delicacies in Barbados

1. Cou Cou and Flying Fish - Cou Cou and Flying Fish is often referred to as the islands national dish. The dish is made from cornmeal grain and fresh okra, served with stewed flying fish, onion, garlic, thyme, tomatoes and pepper. Brown Sugar Barbados is a restaurant is Bridgetown, well known for its buffet and Cou Cou and Flying Fish dish.

2. Macaroni Pie - Macaroni Pie is a favourite on the island, and is a baked version of the popular mac and cheese dish. This version includes cheddar cheese, ketchup and mustard. A great place to sample this dish among many other island favourites is at L’Azure restaurant, which is a formal restaurant serving a large variety of cuisine types.

3. Pudding and Souse - Pudding and Souse is a traditional Saturday lunch time dish on the island. The dish is made up of pickled pork, steamed sweet potato which is mixed with onions, salt and pepper, often served with pickled breadfruit. A great place to sample this dish as the Barbadians do is at the local Village Bar at Lemon Arbour.

Accommodation in Barbados

1. Hilton Barbados Resort, luxury beach resort

2. The Club, Barbados Resort and Spa, Luxury resort and spa

3. MoonRaker Beach Hotel, budget hotel

Airlines that fly to Barbados

1. Virgin Atlantic - London and Manchester

2. JetBlue - Boston, Fort Lauderdale and New York City

3. Condor - Frankfurt and Munich



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