The Best Eco-Friendly Hotels In Europe

Here at TransferTravel, our goal is to educate as many people as we can on how you can be sustainable whilst booking travel. Conscious travel can prevent wasting things from tickets to electricity. We have brought you a list of hotels that we consider to be the most eco-friendly in Europe.  Try to be mindful of decisions you make, from the products you use, the travel you book and the hotels you choose to stay at - it all makes a difference!


Boutiquehotel Stadthalle

First on our list is the Boutiquehotel Stadthalle, an eco-friendly hotel based in Austria. This hotel’s water is heated by solar panels, and rainwater collected from the roof is used to water the garden.

The hotel encourages guests to use bicycle’s during their stay. There is a bicycle trail leading straight to the centre of Vienna from the hotel. The bicycle garage can be used by guests free of charge and the bicycles can be rented all year round.

The Boutiquehotel Stadthalle is the world’s first city hotel with a zero energy-balance.

“The authentic ecophilosophy of the hotel owners is wonderfully executed” - Guest review


ION Luxury Adventure Hotel

Iceland is home to the Northern Lights, geothermal lagoons and the ION Luxury Adventure Hotel.

The Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel incorporates innovative materials, sustainable practices and the natural features of Iceland into its design and practices, making it onto our list of The Best Eco-Friendly Hotels In Europe!

From sinks made from recycled tires to a gift shop full of handmade Icelandic wool sweaters, the hotel tries to use natural materials and fair trade purchase as often as they can.

The hotel makes the most of natural light with floor-to-ceiling windows, not only is this a great eco-friendly touch, but it also provides the perfect Northern Light view spots! Full of Scandinavian style, this hotel is definitely worth a visit.



The Treehotel located in the nature of Swedish Lapland will take you away from the stresses and demands of everyday life with a beautiful stay up in the tall trees of a pine forest. You can find this hotel in Northern Sweden surrounded by the natural beauty of the woodland. The hotel is not only a unique experience, it is also an eco-friendly stay!

They offer stunning rooms that have been built into bucket list experiences, from mirror cubes to bird’s nest, all of which have spectacular views of the Lule River. All rooms are suspended 4-6 meters above the ground and can be accessed by ramp, bridge or electric stairs.

The wood used to build the unique rooms is an eco outdoor wood, which doesn’t contain any chemical substances. The rooms are heated by underfloor heating and the electricity used to do this is supplied locally from green hydroelectric power.

“The Treehotel is built on the genuine experience of nature, so its given that sustainability and ecological value are two pillars of the hotel’s operation” - Treehotel Founders


Natur Hotel Waldklause

(This is one of the team’s favourites…!)

Welcome to the “first design nature and wooden hotel in Austria”. Made entirely of wood, glass and stone, the Naturhotel Waldklause promises guests a high ecological, wellness for both the body and soul. The hotel can be found in a beautiful forest area surrounded by the tryolean alps and in walking distance of the new thermal spa in Längenfeld.

This architectural work of art has been designed as a low-energy building, meeting demands of ecological standards, whilst maintaining a beautiful aesthetic structure.

These sustainable hotels options are just one of the ways in which you can travel eco-friendly. Another way you can help the environment is to buy unwanted travel booking’s. A benefit to purchasing a second-hand ticket is that they are discounted to a price that the seller has decided and you can find a great deal! By buying second-hand travel you are preventing travel bookings from being wasted. Head over to the website to see our latest listings.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”



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Posted 6 April 2018

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