The Best Way To Drive Across Europe

A road trip across Europe is top on the bucket list of lots of travellers. While you might have your must stop places on your list, others might not know where to ever start. This blog is all about which route to take on your European road trip.
Picking A Car For Your Road Trip

First you need to decide whether you are going to drive across Europe in a car and stay in hotel, motels and B&B's or whether you're going to hire a caravan and camp. There are logistics to think about for both. The first thing would be whether you were going to pre plan your route and book hotels and B&B's in the future or be more "fly by the seat of your pants" travellers and book things as you arrive. We suggest booking some hotels but leaving other times open for discovery incase you want to book something last minute. If you are booking a hotel last minute be sure to check out all the hotels and accommodation in The Travel Marketplace.
France & Germany

For this route start in Paris and start driving through the Champagne region to Luxembourg city. From there just an hour north of this region is Germanys oldest town which has roman baths. Follow the route through Germany to visit the historic town of Heidelberg. More cities to visit in Germany along the route to Berlin include Nuremberg and Leipzig then onto Germany's capitol Berlin. This should take 1 week to 10 days.


This route takes you through all of Scandinavia visiting Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland ending in Poland. Start in Denmark and then head North through Gothenburg to Oslo in Norway. From there take a trip towards to coast for some wild and scenic roads. Head even further North to Sweden and head to the capitol Stockholm. Following south visit Helsinki and finally drive through Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania to Poland where you can finish the trip in historic Krakow.
Mediterranean Route

Starting this Mediterranean road trip in Barcelona Spain starts with a bang. Leave at last a few days to soak up the sights and sounds of this magnificent city. From there cross the border into France to visit Carcassonne the medieval city. From there head straight to France's second largest city Marseille. Along the coast from there spend some days at the beach in Nice, then Cannes. Heading along the coast from France visit Cinque Terre, Italy the beautiful coastal town full of colour. End the trip in Rome another great European gem.


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Posted 19 May 2018

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