Best Ways for Student to Travel around New Zealand Cheaper

New Zealand is one of the most desirable and fantastic destinations. Though, when you start counting your expenses, you might be shocked by how much money such trips cost.

According to the New Zealand Travel Insider, the average amount spent on 13-day trips to New Zealand cost tourists around $11,000, including flights, accommodation, transportation, and food. This is a pretty pricey trip, especially if you’re a student and don’t have a single penny to spare.

Judging by these high costs, it seems impossible to travel to this beautiful, one-of-a-kind country if you are a student on a low budget. But following simple steps and having right tools at hand you can actually make your dream come true and travel to New Zealand, not having to spend so much money.

Let’s take a look at the 3 best ways for students to travel to New Zealand Cheaper.
#1: Book the cheapest flight available

All travel nomads worship this rule: always look for a cheaper flight. Flights to New Zealand are the most expensive part of the whole trip, so you might want to start with saving on flight tickets. This way you’ll have more to spend on leisure activities and presents, or just save money for another trip.

Let’s take a look at the rules, which you must follow by all means, if you want to find the cheapest flight for New Zealand:

  • Always search for flights in an incognito mode. You cookies get reset each time you use incognito mode, so if you need to start your search from scratch, close all previously opened incognito windows, open a new one and start searching for a flight.

  • Follow airlines on social media. By doing so, you’ll be able to get the latest updates on discounts and seasonal opportunities.

  • Book the flight yourself. Avoid using booking services, as they require additional expenses, and they are also rather expensive. So the best choice for a student on a budget is to book the flight under your own name.

  • Buy someone else's ticket. Buy a ticket from someone else in the travel marketplace on - check out all flights here!

Another great tip is to be aware of the names of airlines that offer the cheapest tickets, also known as low-costers. Such airlines are available throughout the world, and although they don’t offer the services of a super-high quality, they still perform their principal function, which is to get their passengers to the final destination.
#2: Use Renting Services

When you get to New Zealand, you should consider using renting services instead of relying on insular transportation. “Renting services should be your #1 choice if you’re on a low budget”, says Ronda Crane, a developer at and an avid visitor of New Zealand. “You can save up to a 1000 dollars if you rent a car or a campervan to travel around.”

Similar to searching for a cheaper flight, you can compare the prices on different car/campervan renting services and choose the best option for you. The most popular car renting services in New Zealand are:

  • New Zealand: Rend a Car: type in a ‘pick up’ location and a ‘drop off’ location, choose dates and a desirable price. This service works all around New Zealand and offers very affordable options.

  • Sixt: this premium affordable car rental service offers excellently maintained vehicles to ensure your safety;

  • Touring New Zealand: you should definitely contact this service if you’re looking for the most affordable campervans.

#3: Browse the services offering the cheapest accommodation, food and tour option

When it comes to traveling on a budget, the best option to decide where you will stay and where you will eat is to learn from the experience of other tourists, who gladly share their knowledge on the Internet. You can also browse through available guided tours and find the cheapest offers or get discounts.

To find the best accommodation, food and guided tour offers, take a look at:

  • Tripadvisor: type in the city you want to travel to and services you’re interested in, read reviews or rate the places or services yourself. This is the best website with the most accurate information for tourists;

  • Statravel: choose the best guided tours around New Zealand and browse for seasonal offers and discounts;

  • Tripit: this tool helps you plan your entire trip from scratch. You can also download it on your phone to have all the important information at hand.

Wrapping up

New Zealand is a great destination with a lot of interesting places and wonderful scenery. Visiting this country should definitely be your priority, especially when you’re young and adventurous. Hopefully, these useful tips and tools will help you save money and make your dream of visiting New Zealand come true.

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Posted 19 May 2018

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