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When you book your hotel through there may be lots of thoughts that you are running through your mind. You may be so thrilled that you booked the perfect hotel, exited for the trip ahead. Maybe you have a lot more plans to figure out...more pieces of your trip to book like continuing flights and hotel reservations.

Maybe something else on your mind is...

What Is The Cancellation Policy For Your Reservation?'s cancellation policy is dependant on the individual hotel. Hotel's signup to be featured and included on and stipulate their own cancellation policy. This means that when you book through you accept the individual booking reservation policy for each hotel.

How To Find Our Your Cancellation Policy

If you haven't noted your cancellation policy before, then you can check with directly and they can tell you. First check your booking confirmations that you would have received through your email. In your email it should tell you the policy that your individual hotel will have. Failing finding that information in your email you can log directly into your account to manage your booking and find out your cancellation policy there.

What To Do With A Non-Refundable Reservation

If you have booked a reservation that is non-refundable then you may be able to change the name on your booking. If you can change the name on your booking then you can sell your reservation to someone desperately looking for the exact booking that you have. The whole reason was set up for circumstances like this, to make sure that hotel rooms you can no longer use are not wasted.

How To Set Up A Listing With

Setting up a listing on is easy and quick - just click sell and add all details to your listing including a descriptive title and description. Add all relevant dates, locations and whatever else is included in the booking that you have. We also ask for your booking reference which is only ever used for internal purposes and we will never share with anyone.

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Posted 11 April 2018

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