Budget Backpack Travel Tips

We have gathered some of our best advice for budget backpacking ideas for your next trip! These are not your average run of the mill tips and tricks!

1. Harness The Power Of Facebook and Join A Group

You can get such valuable advice from people in a closed group talking about the area that you are backpacking around. They will know the most up to date information. Groups are easy to search for and join and you will usually always be allowed access.

2. Get Tips From Locals

Don’t be afraid to speak to locals and ask them for tips and tricks. You might want to use local transit including the bus or local train and you're going to have to ask local for directions. This can sometimes lead to amazing discoveries of things that you never knew you needed and places you never though about going. A great tool for this is JoeyTravel.com a

3. Walk

Skip transit and local trains and walk everywhere even if it might take you an hour or so longer. This can also lead to new and amazing discoveries that you never knew about. Oftentimes you will walk past a local shop that you would never have found or discover a festival in a part of town that you weren't originally going to stop at.

4. Don’t Overpack (If You’re Using Budget Airlines)

Every traveler always gets this advice but seriously, if you are on a budget and using a budget airline don't overpack because they will gouge you for every extra kilo.

5. Skip The Souvenirs

Although this is a nice gesture for everyone back home but often times people are just happy that you get home safe and sound and are not worried about getting an elaborate gift. If you do feel inclined to get something for your friends 'back home' pick up a local postcard. They're light and easy to pack so you can just throw them in your pack.


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Posted 18 February 2017

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