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Buying and selling things online is a very common practice. People buy and sell bikes, cars, blenders, baby bouncers and more online nowadays and! Although it is simple and easy you might be looking for some tips on how to better sell your listings or any tips for buying travel plans as well. In this blog post we cover the top 3 tips for buying and selling on

Buying & Selling Tips #1

Our number one tip is for sellers when creating a listing to add a profile image and a great description. We encourage all sellers to create new listings that have lots of details and a great description. Including a profile image builds trust with the buyer. You can also include the reason why you can no longer use your trip to make the whole listing more personal.


Buying & Selling Tips #2

Include the name change fee (if applicable) in your listing. This also makes it easier for the buyer and makes the whole transaction smoother. We know that sometimes the name change fee can be high but we encourage you including a discount on the price of the ticket so that you can receive even some money back instead of losing out on the whole thing. This makes things go smoother so that there are no hidden costs for the buyer.

Buying & Selling Tips #3

Buyers who are looking at listings should check the new listings everyday! We always put the best most discounted listings on our social profiles but we have new listings coming in everyday that have incredible deals. To make sure you don't miss those - check back everyday to see whats new.

Those are our top 3 tips for buying and selling on and we hope that they have given you something new to think about and help you buy and sell more smoothly.


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Posted 1 June 2018

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