Buying & Reselling Travel Tickets In The Travel Marketplace

Buying and reselling tickets used to just be known only for concert and gig tickets. As technology has changed the landscape of culture, people are buying and selling everything online. People have no problem buying blenders, cars, finding a babysitter or a ride online these days. TransferTravel was set up two years ago to help people sell on their unwanted travel plans online in a marketplace just for travel.

TransferTravel accommodates for all types of travel tickets from hotels to flights to vacation packages and bus tickets. This means that you could find someone's holiday to Majorca that they can no longer use and buy it for a discounted price.

Buying and Reselling Unwanted Flight Tickets

You can resell transferable flight tickets on A transferable flight ticket is a ticket where you can change the name on the tickets. Most airlines allow you to change the name but for a fee. Fee's change from $50 upwards. requires that you include the name change fee in the total price of your listing.

Buying unwanted flight tickets on can save you an incredible amount of money and is simple and easy. When you find a flight that you want to buy you can click "buy now" and buy the flight through PayPal. Once you buy the flight you are connected with the seller in a message in your account. There you can give them your name details and anything they will need to make the name change possible. The seller can then make the name change an upload the new documents for you. Once you have your documents from the seller, let know that you are happy with the transfer and the ticket is yours. If you're not satisfied within 7 days you can tell and get your money back.

Buying and Reselling Unwanted Hotel Reservations

Reselling your hotel reservation on is easy and simple. Most hotels will let you change the name on your booing in fact 80% do! We always suggest checking with your travel provider first as to their name change policy. Once you have done this you can create your listing and include all relevant information for the buyer such as location, a description of the hotel and dates.

Buying a hotel booking on is also easy and simple! When you find a hotel deal that you want to buy simply click "buy now" and the hotel booking is yours. You will be connected with the buyer in a message on your account and there you can give them all the relevant details they need to make your transfer complete. Once the name change has been made they will upload the new documents and booking reference for you. If you're not happy with the transfer in 7 days you can have your money back.

Buying And Reselling Unwanted Holiday & Vacation Bookings

Reselling your unwanted holiday or vacation booking is easy on We always suggest that you check with your travel provider or travel aggregator site if you can make a name change. If you can make a name change, there might be a small fee. Once you know all of this information you can make a listing on for your holiday or vacation. Include all details including the date and times of flights and check ins, location of hotel and airports etc. You should also include a title and description that entices a buyer and gives more than enough information for them to make an informed decision.

Buying a holiday or vacation booking on is a great way to get a deal on travel - you can get someone else's holiday or vacation for up to 80% off in some cases! Buying the listing is easy, you just click "buy now" on the side of the listing and you can pay through PayPal. We have a 7 day buyers guarantee and if you're not satisfied with the transfer in 7 days you can get your money back!


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Posted 28 May 2018

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