Can I Transfer My Train Ticket? - Sell your travel tickets.

Can I Transfer My Train Ticket?

Cancelled meetings in another city? Has the flu took over your weekend plans in London? Complicated relationship statuses resulted in a cancelled staycation?

Did you know that most advance train tickets are non-refundable? 

When life happens and you can no longer commit to your train travel plans, the solution is to transfer your ticket based on the policy of your travel provider and terms and conditions in the country you are selling from… to someone looking for a great deal.

So, what to do when you can no longer use your train ticket?

Check with your travel provider first to check their policy and how you can transfer your non-refundable train travel ticket to someone else. is the number one peer-to-peer travel marketplace that allows sellers to list their unwanted travel bookings to an audience of international buyers looking for great, last-minute deals.

The site accommodates for all types of travel bookings, from hotel rooms, to flight tickets. features:

– Messaging >> Connecting peers.

– “Buy It Now” >> Buyers can purchase tickets instantly and be connected with the seller who then transfers them their ticket. Don’t have your ticket within 7 days? Don’t worry – let us know and you can have all of your money back.

  • Social Logins >> Photographic profiles that are linked & verified to social profiles.
  • Inspire Me Page >> Motivating and inspiring idyllic getaways.

How do I sell my train ticket?

Firstly, you need to head over to and register, for free! The best way to register is through your social profile, this will pull through your profile picture from your social account and increase trust levels for other users by putting a face to a username.

Next, you need to create a new listing and input all the details of your train ticket. Once your listing has been created and approved, wait for an interested buyer and transfer over your ticket!

What Should I Include In My Ad For My Unwanted Train Ticket?

You can add all of your details during the selling process. You can choose train ticket from a drop down menu and then add all of your dates and details. has included all of our top tips and suggestions alongside the page as you go through the ‘Create a new listing’ process if you have any questions. If you offer your ticket at a discounted price, or willing to take offers from buyers, your listing is more likely to sell. The more detail that your listing includes, the more interest it will have in our community of buyers!

Will I make all my money back on my unwanted train ticket?

The amount of money you make back on your ticket is down to you. The website allows buyers to make offers to sellers on the listings that they are interested in. It is then down to the seller as to whether they want to accept an offer for their ticket at a discounted price or reject it. The marketplace is an opportunity for sellers to make money back on tickets that are non-refundable and would otherwise go to waste.

Buyers are going to take interest in the listings at higher discounts in order to purchase the best deal!

If you have any other questions about selling your unwanted train tickets, contact our support team at

Happy buying & selling!

The Team

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