Can You Sell A United Airlines Voucher?

Can I Sell My United Airlines flight to someone else?

When you book a flight, you don’t expect to have to cancel. Sometimes plan change and you might have to cancel your United Airlines flight, but if it’s non-refundable, you might end up left out of pocket. United Airlines sell different types of tickets, some of which have a flexible policy for refunds, but most people don’t buy these as they are much more expensive. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a refund because you might still be able to sell your flights online. Do you want to know more about how to sell a plane ticket? Make sure to read our page dedicated to showing you step by step how to sell flights online.


United Airlines Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your flight, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of $200 for domestic flights and more for international flights. The remaining balance from your airline ticket is given to you as credit, which you have to use within a year. After this, you won’t be able to get your money back.


Can I change the name on a United Airlines ticket?

You can’t make a direct name change with United Airlines, as they treat it as a cancellation which you would then have to rebook.


Can I transfer my United Airlines booking to someone else?

If you can’t use the flight credit before it expires, you can still get some of your money back if you sell your airline ticket online. It’s worth calculating if it is more beneficial to just rebook or to sell the flight voucher to someone else. If there is still money credited to your account after you have paid the cancellation fee, then you can sell it as a flight voucher.


How do I sell my United Airlines flight?

First, treat the credit as a voucher. Create a listing on, including important details like the expiry date and any restrictions on where or when you can fly. Thousands of buyers who are looking for great deals on flights will then see your plane ticket for sale. When someone is ready to buy, you’ll get a notification letting you know that you can begin the transfer process. We’ll connect you to the buyer through our secure chat, then you can exchange the details needed to make any amendments to your documents, like the name change.

The next step is for you to upload your documents for them to download. Every step of this process, from listing to payment, is secure and trustworthy. We do take a 15% fee but only once everything has been transferred and you are guaranteed payment.


Do you need to sell your flight voucher? Head over to our selling page and create a listing now! For top tips, check out our blog post on how to make your listing eye-catching and enticing.


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Posted 10 September 2018

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