Can I Sell My Festival Camping Reservation?

Can I Really Sell My Unwanted Festival Camping?

Yes you can sell your camping reservations on as long as it is transferrable to another person. We have an entire category dedicated to festival tickets and camping reservations. We always suggest to double check with your travel provider that your reservation is transferrable. You can do this by checking the website of your travel provider or contacting them directly.

Where Can I Sell My Festival Camping? has a dedicated category for selling camping reservations and festival tickets. We are a peer to peer platform that allows individuals to buy and sell travel plans between themselves. We connect buyers and sellers in the travel marketplace.

Will I Make My Money Back?

You set the price of your listing so if you price your reservation at the price that you paid you will make your money back. We suggest that you give a small discount on the price of your reservation to entice buyers. Ultimately the price of the listing is up to you.

What Should I Include In My Listing?

You should add all the details that you have for your listing. The more details the better when it comes to your listing. This builds trust between you and a potential buyer. They might like to know what's included in the camping. Is there a shower? What is the festival like? Who is headlining?

How Does The Transfer Process Work?

Once your camping reservation has been bought you are entered into the transfer process with the buyer. You have 72 hours once you sell your travel plans to transfer all the details to the buyer. Once they are satisfied with the transfer they will notify us within 7 days and the transfer is complete. Funds are held until the date of travel and once the travel is used you, the seller are payed. If at any point the buyer is not satisfied with the transfer the funds are sent back to you the seller and the transfer does not continue.



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Posted 21 September 2017

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