Can I Sell My Hotel Booking If I Am Affected By Monarch Airlines?

What Happened To Monarch Airlines?

Monarch airlines folded leaving 110, 000 customers stranded needing to be brought back to the UK earlier this month. A further 750, 000 have been told that there flights have been cancelled. The airline has been placed into administration leaving passengers at airports around the UK early October. Some people were told only hours before their flights were scheduled to leave.

How Does That Affect Everybody?

Everyone who had a flight booking with Monarch is now left finding alternate routes. Everyone who was on holiday was brought home from overseas by the Civiil Aviation Authority organised by the Department of Transport. If you have a flight booked with Monarch consult this Money Saving Expert article to find out all details. (here)

What Can I Do With A Non-Refundable Hotel, Villa or Accommodation Booking?

If you have a Monarch flight that was booked that you are no longer using you probably have accompanying hotel bookings and excursions. If they are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled, there is another option than losing out on the booking and money. was set-up for just this purpose - to help those who have non-refundable bookings to transfer them to somebody else.

How do I use to sell my hotel booking I can no longer use? was made for people like you, savvy and smart! It is easy and simple to list your hotel booking and we provide personalised customer service to make sure that any questions you have are answered and both buyers and sellers are happy. The first step is registering which can be done through a social profile. The second step is listing your hotel. This includes the dates of the booking, the room type, hotel name and full price including any name change fees that are associated with the booking.

How do I transfer my hotel booking to someone else?

Once your listing has been bought on a message is created between you (the seller) and the buyer. Here you are promoted to share all information needed for the transfer to take place. In the case of hotel booking check with your hotel provider to see what information is needed. In most cases it is just a name change on the booking. Once you have this you can upload the document on within 72 hours of the sale for the buyer. The buyer has 7 days to accept the transfer. To be fair to both parties holds the payment from the buyer until the booking is used and then it is released to you, the seller.







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Posted 13 October 2017

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