How Can I Sell My Hotel That I Can’t Use?

There is nothing more disappointing than having to cancel a well-planned and much-awaited holiday at the finest location of your dream destination. Irrespective of the reason of the cancel, dealing with a hotel voucher that you can’t possibly use can be quite frustrating.

If you’re stuck in such as a situation and wondering how I can sell my hotel that I can’t use, provides an amazing opportunity to get back your booking money and let someone else enjoy the same stay.

How Does It Work At

We are a marketplace where people book hotel rooms from other people who had to cancel their trips for whatever reasons. provides you with the opportunity to list your unwanted hotel room reservations for free to a marketplace of buyers looking to purchase the great last minute deals.

Below is the process of selling your hotel booking at

  • Listing the details of the booking 

To start with the process of selling your unused hotel, you have to submit the complete details about your hotel reservation such as location, dates etc. do the rest of work by adding all the relevant details to sell your unused bookings fast such as adding images of the hotel and other information

  • Selling & Transferring Your Travel 

As soon as someone who wishes to buy your hotel booking shows interest, the seller contacts the hotel or the booking agency and do rest of the formalities such as transferring the name on the reservation, informing the seller about the buyer etc

  • You Get Your Money Back

The buyers use our unique platform to do the bookings on your unused hotel vouchers and when they book your reservation, we at make sure that you get the direct payment through our secure payment platform

Benefits Of Using For Selling The Hotel Booking

  • It is a simple and effective way to get your money back on the hotel you have booked for but cannot use unfortunately.

  • Ours is a peer to peer platform that allows users to sign in through various social media platforms such as Facebook which instantly verifies profiles and puts a face to a name.

  • We use a full-proof and secure payment platform PayPal to pay back the sellers

  • Our instant messaging tool allows buyers and sellers to connect and communicate; building a community of trustworthy people that can help others put a use to unwanted plans and turns the cancellations to the amazing opportunities for those looking to buy.


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Posted 8 November 2017

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