How Can I Sell My Luxury Hotel Reservation?

Have you planned a splendid vacation and booked yourself into an expensive hotel? Oh wait! Did your plans just get cancelled? What about the hotel reservation? Relax! With you can sell your expensive luxury hotel reservation to someone else. So, let’s take an example, suppose you book a hotel at $400, and are unable to cancel it, you can sell it someone else at a slightly lower price, say $350. You will lose $50 but isn’t it better than losing all $400?

You need to create an affordable price to entice people and allow them to see this as a great deal. The only things that you need to keep in mind is that the booking must be transferrable and non-refundable. As a rule, since last minute changes are unavoidable, always book non-refundable and transferable rooms so that in case required you can sell your expensive hotel booking to someone else. It’s a win win situation for you as well as the person buying your pricey booking. In the same way, with you can sell a villa booking and save a lot of money and regret!

Cancellation policies have become stricter and it’s not always possible to cancel within the stipulated time frame given. A last minute urgency or change in travel plans is inevitable and sometimes necessary. Many customers have lost large amounts of money in the bargain and that’s the reason a platform like is gaining popularity. People who have been stuck in these situations and wondering ‘how can I sell my luxury hotel reservation?’, finally have the perfect answer that saves them time, money and the long hassle of negotiating and arguing with pricey hotel staff! On the other hand, people who are looking for great hotel deals can benefit from your bookings and buy them at much cheaper rates. In this way no one loses any big amount of money and everyone gets what they want!

As the seller you need to be able to create an affordable price that is lucrative for a buyer. Just a difference of a few dollars will not be attractive enough. Think of the amount of loss you can handle and then offer the best affordable price for a luxury and otherwise expensive hotel. Make sure the buyer is able to see a large contrast in your offer and the hotel’s original offer.


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Posted 17 November 2017

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