How To Sell A Non-Refundable Hotel Booking

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Last minute changes to travel plans are always a nightmare, so when your holiday is non-refundable, you don't want your money doesn't go to waste. Sell your travel booking with where we connect sellers to buyers so you don't have to worry about your unused tickets.


Can I get a refund on my hotel room?

You might be able to but it will depend on where you are planning on staying. The first thing you need to do is find out what type of reservation you have. Different hotels have different terms and conditions when it comes to making a cancellation, such as the 48-hour cancellation policy many hotels implemented in 2017. If you need to know what the terms are for your hotel, check out our guide to hotel reservation cancellations. If you can't get a refund, you can still sell a non-refundable hotel booking and get some money back.

What is more important to know when you want to sell a hotel room is if you can transfer your booking to someone else. This usually involves a name change on the reservation, which you can read about in our blog post about hotel name change policies. We always recommend checking with your hotel before creating a listing if you are unsure.


How do I transfer my hotel booking to someone else?

Creating a listing is simple and easy and just takes a few minutes. Follow these simple steps to adding your hotel reservation to the TransferTravel marketplace:

  1. Create an account. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to to save time inputting your information. This doesn’t mean we’ll post anything to your social media pages or gather information that isn’t on your public profile.

  2. Click sell, choose the ‘Accommodation’ category, and then add all the details like location, date and time.

  3. Once you have posted your travel plans, you just need to wait for someone who’s interested in your listing to click 'buy'. As soon as you sell your booking, you will be connected with the buyer in a private message where you can get their details and make the name change if you need to.

  4. After you have made the name change you must upload the new documents within 72 hours so the buyer can download them. You don’t need to worry about listing fees if your listing is not purchased as the site will only charge a 15% fee if you sell your hotel.

  5. Once the buyer uses the transferred hotel booking, your money will be sent to you and the transfer process is complete.

What details do I need to add to my listing for my hotel reservation?

Add as many details as you possibly can to your ad because this appeals to the buyer more; check out our helpful guide to selling. When someone can understand what they are buying and who they are buying from, that builds trust and they are more likely to buy from you, for instance, we recommend signing in with social media accounts to make your profile more accessible to others. Don't worry, you don't need to exchange critical information with other people as you can communicate through We suggest using PayPal to exchange money because they have a buyer's guarantee which makes sure that you are getting exactly what you pay for.


Will I make my money back selling my unwanted booking?

Once you've made the decision to sell your pre-booked hotel reservation instead of cancelling it, you will need to decide on a price to sell it for. Although it is tempting to try and make all your money back, don't forget that the buyers in this market are looking for a bargain. You can always re-price your booking after a few days or even hours because all listings are amendable. A great feature for buyers and sellers is the option for people to "make an offer": a one click process where someone can tell you how much they want to spend to take your travel plans off your hands.

Now that you know that you can sell your non-refundable bookings, there's no need to worry about last-minute changes and the eventual waste of money as Transfer Travel is here to the rescue.


So are you ready to sell your accommodation booking? Head straight to our selling page to get started on your listing or check out all of the amazing hotels in the marketplace right now!


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Posted 10 November 2017

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