Can I Sell My Norwegian Flight Ticket To Someone Else?

What If I Booked A Non Refundable Norwegian Flight?


We often plan trips, vacations and work trips in advance because of pre-paid rates. Norwegian has great pre-booked rates and it's also fun booking a flight early so you have something to look forward to. Everybody has planned a trip with a friend or your family but due to some cause out of your control you've had to abandon the plan at the last moment.

Can I Really Get Money Back For My Norwegian Flight?

When you have to cancel a trip that you have been looking forward to for a long time it can be so disappointing. Our life is so chaotic nowadays that you have to cancel your plan at the last moment. We know lots of people have to cancel the one off flight or coach journey because of a work commitment. Not taking the flight but still having to pay for it could put you out of pocket. With TransferTravel you can get a return on your flight that you can't use by selling and transferring the name on the booking. Even if you can't get all of your money back you can still get some of the money back that you would have missed out on.

How Can I Sell My Norwegian Flight?

Nowadays with the widespread use of the internet and digital trust people search for everything online and feel more and more comfortable making online purchases. We at provide a platform for you to sell your Norwegian Flight in the Travel Marketplace to someone else who is looking for a flight like yours. Creating a listing is quick and easy. The first step is registering and then creating a new listing which only takes a few minutes. We ask for the dates, times and arrival and departure locations for your flight as well as the booking confirmation which we only use for internal purposes. Once your ticket is sold on TransferTravel you are connected with your buyer and can change the name on the ticket. You have 72 hours to change the name on the ticket and upload them for the buyer to be satisfied with the transfer. When the buyer uses the ticket then you are paid and can make some money back on your Norwegian Flight Ticket!

Even though Norwegian flight tickets are already a great price, we suggest that you entice buyers further and offer some sort of discount for your ticket. All in all, one can safely say that TransferTravel is a one-stop shop for selling your Norwegian flight ticket to someone else and getting maximum return back safely and easily.


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Posted 22 November 2017

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