How Can I Sell My Travel Voucher?

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Travel vouchers can make amazing gifts, as well as feeling like a good deal when your flights or hotel gets cancelled. But if you’re stuck with a voucher that expires before you can use it, you might feel like your money has been wasted.

In the past, anyone with a travel voucher had to either keep it and lose out on that money or spend it on something they didn't want to. Another option was heading to online listing sites like Craigslist or Facebook. but the security on these platforms is never guaranteed; you can't be sure you're dealing with genuine buyers and sellers. have stepped in to offer people like you a secure and trustworthy way to transfer unwanted travel vouchers of all kinds: flight vouchers, cruise vouchers, hotel vouchers and holiday vouchers. 


Gift Cards

Maybe you were rewarded at work with a gift card to contribute to a trip away, or you received one for your birthday. You might forget about it for a little while then realise that it has an expiration date. You don’t want to waste your gift but sometimes life just doesn’t fit into your travel plans. What is the refund policy? Can you extend the window of time you can use it in and save it for another holiday? Can you give it to someone else to use?

Unfortunately, most gift cards are non-refundable and you can’t get a cash alternative.

Expiration dates are a bit more complicated as they are subjective to the individual company's policy. When it comes to airlines, more often than not the expiration date is set in stone and the card becomes unusable. Interestingly, there are a few hotels with a more lenient policy, for instance, The Savoy in London can potentially extend it if you contact them directly, whereas Marriott Hotel vouchers don’t expire.



You’ve probably been in this position before, where there might have been an overbooked flight or a cancelled hotel room, meaning your travel plans are disrupted. Or maybe you couldn’t use your travel plans anymore and had to cancel flights and accommodation. Instead of offering a refund, the airline or hotel might have credited your account so you can just re-book with them and not end up out of pocket. When it’s their fault that you had to cancel, some travel providers will use credit as compensation but won’t give you a refund if it is your decision.

Nine times out ten, this kind of credit has an expiry date, which usually ranges from 6 to 24 months. Some companies won’t automatically tell you when this date begins which is often from the date of the original booking, not of the cancellation or they might not remind you when this date is approaching, meaning you could end up losing out on all the money you spent in the first place.


Is There A Difference Between A Gift Card & A Credit Certificate?

Gift cards tend to have stricter policies than credit because the latter was the fault of the company and is seen as a form of compensation, although they don't always differ. The important thing is that there is no difference on all you need to be able to do is change the name of the voucher holder and you are ready to sell.


How Do I Sell My Travel Voucher To Someone Else?

You can sell and transfer your travel voucher safely and easily with Sign in, create a listing and your voucher will be up for sale on our global marketplace. When a buyer is interested, we connect you through our messaging system where you can exchange any relevant details, such as name changes. This is an important step and we recommend contacting your travel provider to confirm the details that need to be amended. Some will need to have the name changed while others you will only need to provide a code or PIN.

We suggest that all tickets that are sold have some discount, but we do leave all the pricing up to you. A 30% discount means that you will still be getting a good percentage of your money back, rather than wasting an unused gift certificate, and buyers will be more inclined to buy a voucher when they see that there is a saving and that they are getting a good deal.

Check out our helpful guide to creating a good listing.


So are you ready to sell your booking? Head straight to our selling page to get started on your listing or check out all of the amazing offers in the marketplace right now!



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Posted 18 July 2017

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