How Can I Sell My Travel Voucher? - Sell your travel tickets.

How Can I Sell My Travel Voucher?

What Kind Of Vouchers Can I Sell?

You have the opportunity to transfer all types of travel vouchers on That means flight vouchers, cruise vouchers, hotel vouchers and all other travel related vouchers. These can be e-vouchers or physical ones that you post out after they are sold. Of course, we always suggest that you check with your travel provider to confirm their policies on the transferring of vouchers.

How Do I Sell My Travel Voucher To Someone Else?

You can sell and transfer your travel voucher safely and easily with We have a buy now function and a dialogue box that opens when you have sold your listing. This is where you can exchange all details and send the e-voucher.

What Price Should I Set My Voucher At?

We suggest that all tickets that are sold have some discount. We leave all the pricing up to you. Buyers will be more inlined to buy a voucher when they see that there is a percentage of savings off.

What Is The Buyers Guarantee When Purchasing Vouchers?

The buyers guarantee, guarantees that the buyer receives the right details within 7 days. If they do not get all details they are entitled to their money and the transfer does not go through. Consequently if the seller does not provide all the details within 72 hours then the sale does not go through and the seller gets their money back.

Are There Any Requirements For Transferring My Voucher?

Generally you want to make sure that you can verify the balance to the buyer either on the phone or via email. Generally eVouchers are the easiest to transfer as opposed to physical vouchers. If you are selling a physical voucher make sure this is explicit in your description. We also suggest pricing your voucher accordingly and offering a discount even 10%.

What Do I Do Once I Have Sold My Voucher? 

There’s no need to keep a digital voucher once you have sold it. If you have a physical voucher you can mail it to the buyer and collect their details in the after purchase dialogue that will start once someone buys.

What Happens Next?

You will be payed VIA PayPal or bank transfer once you have sold your voucher. We do this for security reasons and use the trusted e-commerce brand PayPal to back up both buyers and sellers. 

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