Video with Life of Jord | You CAN travel NON-STOP

You CAN travel NON-STOP | with The Life Of Jord

We have collaborated with Jordan Simons, YouTuber and non-stop traveller. He is currently in Bangkok and filmed a vlog while in Seoul South Korea collaborating with us to talk about how he has been traveling non-stop for over two years now with no plans to stop. He is inspiring, humble and has so many great tips about how to start travelling and how to make money and work while you are on the road. has the capacity to make travelling like this easy to sell travel plans that don’t fit into your schedule anymore and bring you together with someone trying to sell their flight, hotel room or holiday at a great price. Perhaps you never thought of going to Australia or Malaysia but someone is selling their pre-booked and secured flight ticket at such a discount you just have to go. Maybe you are having such a good time in Bangkok you’re just not ready to leave on the next leg of your journey to Cambodia next and you need to sell your flight and hotel there. brings sellers and buyers together in the true peer to peer travel marketplace.

Check out the video and let us know what you think! Check out Jord’s YouTube Channel: The Life Of Jord!

See more from Jordan in The Philippines here!


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