How Can You Travel Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Travelling is the most wonderful part of ones life. It's all about exploring new things and making memories. But, money can become a big concern when you think of a trip. If you do not plan your trip smartly, you will end up burning a hole in your pocket. Eventually, you will never think of going on a trip or vacation ever again.

Listed below are some simple trips that could help you save money the next time you travel

Book Tickets Well In Advance 

Whenever you plan a trip, always book your flight or train tickets well in advance. Booking in advance saves your money. The ideal time for booking is usually 4 months before the actual trip. So if you're planning an abroad trip, and your plans are set, book one instantly.

Use Public Transit

When you reach your destination, travelling in the city can also be expensive. You must see te local transport of the city to save your money. Also, when you travel via the local transport, you meet local people  who become your best guides to know about the city.

Cheap Accommodation

Sleep and showering are the two most important factors when you are in a city. Look for cheaper accommodations that provide you these facilities at an affordable price. This will save your money. Look for accommodation options in sites like Airbnb that gives you an option of staying at homes, hotels etc. Staying at homes will also give you a chance of  learning more about the city, places, culture, etc.

Go In Groups

Whenever you plan a trip, consider travelling in groups. Travel with your family friends, office mates, etc. When you travel in a group, you share your expenses with your friends. Even the accommodation cost, travelling cost reduces and doesn't bring a hole to your pocket. and the most important part, you always have someone to take your photos!

Travel During Off Season

Going to a place during off season saves a lot of money. You will find less people during this time and things are cheaper. From accommodation to food, everything is cheaper during this time.

Do Not Hire An Agency To Plan Your Travel

Spend some time and do detailed research on the place you are planning to visit. Research about the hotels, food, places to visit, etc. Never hire an agency as they charge you more to make extra profit.

Save Maps Offline

Save all your maps offline on your phone. This way you save your time and money if your  internet fails anytime and you need not hire nay vehicle to travel to places. 

Save On Shopping

Everyone loves shopping. But, when you travel, prioritise your requirements. Make the best of your time and explore the place. Save money and don't buy things you don't need.

These tips are sure to help you the next time you plan to go on vacation!

Guest Post from Adela Belin. She is a private educator and a writer at Writers Per Hour. She shares her teaching experience with colleagues, students, and writers.


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Posted 7 February 2018

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