How To Cancel & Get Money Back For My Ferry Reservation?

Cancellation policies for ferry reservations vary from country to country to another and from ferry company to ferry company. In the UK for example. most ferry companies allow for a cancellation or transfer of reservations right up to thirty minutes before the ferry take off time - subject of course to a cancellation fee in some cases. In the united states however this isn't always the case. Truth of the matter is, due to extremely large territorial nature if the USA and it's varying state constitutions, lobbying and other factors, there now exists numerous policies for ferry carriers across the national confines. provides the larges platform for buying and selling travel tickets of all kinds in including ferry tickets - here are some crucial steps you as the owner of ferry ticket or reservation you can't use will have to follow to ensure a smooth transfer of reservation from you to the buyer of your ferry reservation on

Firstly, you will have to initiate contact either with your agent (in a case where the reservation was via an agency) or with the ferry company. The purpose of this contact will be to find out if it is possible to transfer your reservation from one to another. If so, you will also want to find out the applicable fees if there are any. We value your time and want to make sure that you can indeed transfer the name on the ticket once you sell it on In a situation where you can't reach the ferry company  by phone or go there in person it is often helpful to check their cancellation or transfer policy on their website.

After having made certain what policies the company upholds for your ferry reservation with respect to cancellation and or transfer of reservations you can then go ahead and list the reservation for sale on

To list a ferry reservation or any type of reservation for sale on TransferTravel you must first have created an account on the site, without which you will have to follow the signup procedure to create an account.

With an account having been created you can then login to the site and list your ferry reservation for sale (if the ferry policy allows for a transfer). Be sure to be absolutely honest with information pertaining to the reservations transfer window (validity period), the transfer cost and any other information which you honestly feel will influence a buyers decision. Be sure to upload a captivating picture of the ferry and a catchy headline.

Once all of the above has been done post the listing, sit back and relax and wait for your listing  to be bought. Upon having your listing bought go ahead and finalise the details with the buyer. You will need to collect any information that you need for the name change and transfer.

It's that simple and easy and we hope to not let any ferry tickets go wasted.




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Posted 8 December 2017

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