How To Cancel Hotel Reservations

The first thing that you think of when something happens that is unforeseen isn't always about your hotel booking that you can no longer use. When you breakup with your significant other, go through a divorce, lose a loved one or lose your job you're dealing with all of the emotions that you go along with those unforeseen things.

When you do get around to thinking about your hotel booking that you made that you can no longer use because of those unforeseen circumstances we know that the first thing you probably wish to do is cancel your booking. This usually means either email or calling the front desk of the hotel and asking to cancel your reservation. From there you are usually transferred to reservations.

How To Cancel Your Hotel Booking

If you can cancel your booking you can do so through reservations and they can refund you the correct amount to your credit card used for the booking. This is simple and straightforward for some booking and not so for others.

What If I Can't Cancel My Hotel Booking?

In some other cases they may ask if you want to change the date of your booking, which might be a good alternative to you. Instead of going on your holiday and staying at the hotel with your significant other who you have broken up with you could take your best friend.

Are There Any Other Options If I Can't Cancel My Reservation?

Unfortunately some bookings are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled. The is where Transfer Travel comes in, the platform where you can list your hotel reservation that in non-cancellable to people looking for an incredible deal.

How Do I Set Up A Listing On Transfer Travel?

It is simple to set up a listing on Transfer Travel and only takes a couple of minutes. You will first make an account and create a profile. Then you can click sell on the top right hand corner of the website. There you will be taken through a three step process of adding all the details of your hotel reservation. Your check in date, your room type, location etc should all be added at this stage. Once your listing is submitted, someone on the Transfer Travel team will approve your listing. We are here for customer support at every stage and can be counted on to provide you with a clear and helpful answer to any question.

How Can I Sell My Hotel Reservation?

Once your listing is live in the marketplace people will have the opportunity to buy your listing or ask you a question. If someone buys your listing then you will have 72 hours to change the name and provide evidence of the changed name. This is usually an uploaded booking confirmation. Once the travel takes place and 24 hours after the check in date you are payed for whatever you listed your hotel at.


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Posted 9 January 2018

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