Cancellation Of Flight Tickets | Everything You Need To Know

Refundable Vs. Non-Refundable Flight Tickets

Refundable tickets are usually the safer but unfortunately more expensive option when booking a flight or hotel booking. They are the higher priced option where you have more flexibility and options to change the details of the ticket like date, time and names on the booking. Non-refunbdale tickets are the less expensive option with more restrictions like not being able to change the name or date of the ticket. Airlines make this option easy to choose, it seems like the no-brainer option because you never think that you aren't going to be using your ticket.
Flights That Have Non-Refundable Policies

When a flight has a non-refunbdale policy they are usually priced lower because they have restrictions on them. The restrictions are that they can't be refunded or amended. Once you have booked your ticket it's yours and you are essentially "stuck" with the booking. On most of these bookings the names can be changed and the flights can be transferred to someone else...even if they're a stranger! The TransferTravel platform has created a safe and unique environment to buy and sell non-refundable bookings between peers. We always suggest that you check with your specific airline to check their policy on your specific ticket.
What To Do When You Need To Cancel Your Non-Refundable Booking

When you need to cancel your non-refunbdale booking you are faced with a tough decision. Do you a.) lose out totally on your booking if you can't go or b.) try and give it to someone that could use the ticket? These options leave you out of money and without a flight ticket...but there is another option. The option is to sell your flight ticket and transfer the name to someone else in TransferTravel's peer to peer marketplace. Don't feel stuck - we have created a new option for the reselling and transferring of non-refunbdale tickets that need to be cancelled and can't be used just for this reason.
What Happens When Your Flight Is Cancelled On You?

If you have a flight that is cancelled on you then you are entitled to your tax back. Amongst other added fees when you buy a flight ticket there is Air Passenger Duty - a tax all travellers must pay to travel from the UK by air. Even though airlines aren't legally obliged to provide you tax back most will when a refund is requested. Some of the airlines that will give you a refund are easyJet, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.
What About Cancelling After 24 hours?

Most airlines let you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of booking your ticket incase you have made a mistake or booked the wrong dates, times or used the wrong names on your tickets. Like all policies with airlines we always suggest speaking directly to a representative about your specific tickets and it's restrictions.


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Posted 1 December 2017

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