Cancelled Holidays For Sale | What To Do With Your Unusable Travel Plans

What To Do With Travel Plans When You Have To Cancel A Holiday

When you have a holiday that you can't use, it's probably because of something unforeseen. It is probably because something has happened that you had no control over, and might even be something really unpleasant.

What About All The Extra Travel Plans? Hotels Rooms Etc.?

When you cancel a holiday it's not just the holiday that you can'e use - it's everything associated with it. It's the extra flights from your local airport to the major airport and the ferry tickets. You can list not only the holiday on but all of those supporting travel trips as well. As long as your travel plans are transferrable and the name can be changed then you can list your travel plans on

How To Sell Your Cancelled Holiday

On TransferTravel we offer the opportunity for you to sell on your travel plans that you can't use to people who are looking for exceptional deals. TransferTravel is an ethical marketplace that brings people together and gives the opportunity for great deals to be found.

Listing is easy and simple and only takes a few minutes. The first step is to resister, sign in and then create a new listing. Add all the details of your listing including your booking confirmation which we will keep on our files for our records. Once you have all of your details submit the listing wait for it to be activated by our friendly staff. Your listing will then appear in the marketplace and people have the opportunity to buy your listing. If someone does buy your listing you will have 72 hours to change the name on your booking and upload the new documents for your buyer.


  • What to do with your unusable travel plans
  • Cancelled holidays for sale and what to do with your unuse
  • Canceled holidays for sale
Posted 21 February 2018

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