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If you have pre-booked a flight or hotel with that you can no longer use, you might lose out on a refund. You can sell your travel plans at to someone who could be looking for exactly what you have. All it takes is a simple name change on your documents and you're ready to transfer your travel.


Can I Get A Refund On My Booking?

If you do need to cancel your booking you can contact them directly through their website or by telephone at 0203 6361 987. It is important to note that is a travel aggregator, meaning their flights and hotels are sold by individual providers. Your booking will refer to the travel providers' policies. Unfortunately, this means if the specific type of booking is non-refundable then you are stuck with a non-refundable booking.


What If Your Booking Is Non-Refundable?

If your booking is non-refundable you may be able to sell your tickets by amending your booking and changing the name on your booking. If your individual travel provider will allow name changes then you have the opportunity to sell your booking to someone else. Most travel providers that don't allow cancellations do allow name changes. will either speak directly to the travel provider or they will give you the correct contact details to make the change yourself. Bear in mind that if you are changing a flight booking, then there may be a name change fee. Check out our blogs on these charges for UK airlines and European airlines.


How To Sell Your Non-refundable Booking On

If you can make a name change on your booking, then you can easily make a listing on Creating a new listing is simple and easy and only takes a few minutes. Click "sell" on the top right-hand corner of the website when you are on the homepage. From there we ask for all the details from your travel plans. You should include things like title, description, location, dates and all other relevant information. We also ask for your booking reference number, this is only for our records and will not be shared on your public listing. You can find more advice in our quick guide to selling.

When your listing sells you will be connected with the buyer of your listing so you can ask all relevant details from them for the name change. Once you have the correct details you can contact your travel provider directly to make the changes. Because sometimes there are fees charged by airlines to change the name of your booking, we ask that you include that in your listing price so there are no surprises when you go to make the name change. If you are unsure about this, we do recommend contacting your travel provider before you create your listing.

So are you ready to sell your booking? Head straight to our selling page to get started on your listing or check out all of the amazing hotels in the marketplace right now!


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Posted 19 April 2018

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