Cancelling Non-Refundable Accommodation - All You Need To Know!

So you are all set for your annual vacation in the most exotic location. All the bookings are done including the best hotel room with an amazing view in the poshest hotel, flights etc. Just when everything is set, comes the spoiler alert...there is a last minute emergency and all your travel plans are stalled. To add to the misery is the strict refundable policy of the hotel under which your booked accommodation is classified as "Non-Refundable."

If you are stuck in such a situation and looking for some help, here is all you need to know about canceling the Non-Refundable Accommodation.

How Does The Accommodation Cancellation Policy Work?

In most cases, there are 2 major types of cancellation policies regulating the accommodation cancellations

  • Non-refundable Cancellation: this typically means that if you cancel your reservation, you’re are not eligible for any refund and will have to pay the total price.

  • Cancellation free of charge: In this option, if you cancel the reservation within a certain window before the actual date of arrival, no fee will be charged.

Solution If You Opted For Non-Refundable Accommodation

In case, you opted for the non-refundable accommodation, there is still an opportunity to get your money back by selling your non-refundable accommodation at brings people selling their unwanted travel plans together with people looking for incredible last minute deals, reinventing the last minute travel market and providing a solution for pre-booked travel plans that can no longer be used.

How Does Canceling And Selling Your Unused Non-refundable Accommodation Work? is a unique platform that allows you to turn canceling the non-refundable accommodation easier, getting you the cash for your booking, and provide a fellow traveler with an exciting opportunity at the same time. The process of recovering money on cancellation of your non-refundable booking works as below -

  • As a seller, you need to register on the platform with all the relevant information

  • The next step is to list the booking with the booking details such as dates, location etc and the quote the final amount you are expecting for your cancellation deal.

  • The platform will safely market the listing and help you sell your unused non-refundable travel booking to the interested travelers.

  • Once the sale is done successfully and all the travel documents are transferred, you will get a confirmation and small fee will be charged from you.

Cancelling Your Non-Refundable Accommodation and recovering the money have never been so easy. You can now book and enjoy your travels without worrying about the refunds, cancellations, and transfers.


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Posted 6 November 2017

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