"I Can't Cancel My Fairmont Hotel Booking" - Fairmont Hotel Cancellation Policy

Do you have a fairmont hotel booking that you can no longer use?

When you book a Fairmont hotel it might be for a special occasion or to celebrate something special. That is what makes it especially unfortunate when you can no longer use your Fairmont Hotel booking that you can no longer use. When you first find that you can't use your hotel booking you should check with your specific booking that you can change the name on the booking. Each booking is slightly different so talking with the hotel that you booked from is important.

Are you trying to cancel your fairmont hotel booking but it is non-refundable? 

Fairmont hotel cancellation policies are varying and different for each hotel, and type of room booked. This means that you will need to contact fairmont directly to ask them about the cancellation policies  on your individual booking.

If you cannot cancel your hotel booking and you have booked the non-refundable booking you might feel like you are stuck with your booking. If you feel like you are stuck with a non-refundable fairmont hotel booking you may be able to simply change the name on the booking. This means that you can list and transfer your booking to someone else if you can change the name on your booking.

How Do You List Your Fairmont Hotel Booking For Sale? 

Firstly you will need to make sure with Fairmont directly that you can change the name on your booking. Once you have done this you can simply create a new listing and fill in all the appropriate details of the listing on the TransferTravel.com platform. Add things like the dates and locations of your booking, a small description and any other pertinent information that you think a buyer would need.
What Happens When You Sell Your Listing?

When you sell your listing on TransferTravel.com you will be connected with the buyer where you can collect all appropriate details for the transfer. This might include things like full name, name on passport, passport number etc. Each travel ticket is different. Once you change the names on the documents upload the new document for the buyer to confirm receipt of.

If you're curious about other hotel cancellation policies please check out our series (Marriott Hotel, Best Western, Premier Inn) 





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Posted 9 April 2018

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