"I Can't Go To Lollapalooza Festival" | Sell Your Festival Tickets + Accommodation

The lineup from this years Lollapalooza Festival looks incredible. Some of the top headliners are Arctic Monkeys, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and Jack White. Some others include The National, Post Malone, Vampire Weekend and Portugal The Man.
When you booked your Lollapalooza festival tickets you probably never thought that you might need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

There may be many many reasons that you can no longer use your festival ticket and your travel insurance provider may not even cover you for whatever reason you can no longer use your travel plans. When you book your festival ticket as well you may have booked corresponding travel such as flights and hotel reservations on either end of the festival.

What Are My Options Selling A Lollapalooza Festival Ticket and Accommodation?

If you have a festival ticket with your accommodation that you do no need, you may be able to change the name on your reservation and then you can sell your it to someone else looking for a great deal in the travel marketplace. TransferTravel.com has been set up for exactly this reason, to make sure that travel plans don't go wasted.

How Do You Sell A Festival Ticket And Accommodation? 

Setting up a listing on TransferTravel is easy and simple and only takes a couple minutes. The first step is to register then create a new listing. When creating the listing you should add a title, a description as well as price (including any additional fees for changing the name). Once someone buys your listing then you will be connected with them in the messaging centre. From there you can collect their details and ask them for all the information needed to make the transfer complete. Once you have uploaded your documents with the appropriate name changes for the buyer then you can.


Posted 12 April 2018

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