"I Can't Use My Creamfields Festival Ticket" What You Can Do

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If you have booked a Creamfields ticket that you can no longer use, don't worry. Many people have been in your position before and they will be in the same position again. We all know how it goes when you and your mates all plan on buying tickets to one festival in the year. You buy yours, and you're hoping and praying that your friends could get tickets as well. Or maybe you do all have tickets but people start dropping like flys from the itinerary. Obviously you don't want to go alone but now you are stuck with a ticket to the event and a 6 man tent.


What To Do When You Are Stuck With A Ticket To Creamfields

The first thing is, don't worry this is something that has a solution so there's no need to panic. When you have a ticket to a festival that you can no longer use we know that you usually have accommodation and other travel plans that go with your festival. Most travel these days is non-refundable. but flexible in date and name. This means that although you might not be able to get a refund you can sell your ticket on to someone else by changing the name and maybe even the date for them.


How To Set Up A Listing

Setting up a listing is simple and easy and only takes a few minutes. When you go to create your listing add things like a title and description and date and time of your travel. Our system asks for a booking reference number but we keep this only for our purposes and do not share this with anyone.


What Happens Buys Your Listing?

When someone buys your listings you will be notified by email that your listing has sold with detailed instructions. What you will need to do next is change that name on your travel documents. Once you have changed your documents into the buyers name you will then need to upload them. The buyer can then download the documents and notify us that they are satisfied with the transfer. Your funds will then be released 24 hours after the date of travel.

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Posted 13 April 2018

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