"I Can't Use My Family Hotel Booking"

The family holiday is booked...

The plans are made and EVERYONE in the family is looking forward to it...

Except, you can no longer go!

Someone at work quit and you're now bogged down with all of their work and you simply can no longer go. The kids are more than a little upset and so are you that you can't go.

There are many things that run through your mind and the fact that you can no longer use your travel is maybe not the first thing. How are you going to tell the kids? Can you change the date of the booking? Can you get your money back? Can you cancel the booking?

These are all valid questions and when the information comes  up that you have in fact booked the non-refunbdale and non-cancellable option that's where TransferTravel.com comes in. We provide an option for people exactly like you, who can no longer use their travel plans - cannot cancel and - can not get a refund on their booking. We offer a platform and marketplace for you to sell your travel plans.

TransferTravel.com offers the platform for people who have transferrable holidays, flights and hotels. Most flights offer fee's to change names on flights and over 80% of hotel bookings are free to change the name on. Most vouchers can be sold and the voucher code transferred and some holidays are transferrable.

The first step in selling and transferring your family hotel booking is registering on TransferTravel.com and listing all the details of your booking. Always make sure with your hotel provider that you can in fact change the name on your booking. We take your booking reference number, but only for our purposes in validating your booking. Add all other details to your listing and submit for review with TransferTravel.com.

Once your listing is live then everyone has the opportunity to purchase your family hotel booking. We market your listing to our large network and through our own advertising channels as well as social media.

When someone buys your listing you will be notified by TransferTravel.com and a new message will be started between you, the seller and the buyer of your family hotel booking. There you can exchange all details needed to make the name change possible and then upload the documents for the buyer. When the buyer is satisfied with the transfer and have notified us, the sale is complete.

TransferTravel.com holds funds for the protection of the buyer and the seller until 24 hours after the buyer has travelled. TransferTravel.com only takes a 15% admin fee if your travel sell - otherwise it's free to list.


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Posted 11 May 2018

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