I Can't Use My Marriott Hotel Reservation" - Marriott Cancellation Policy

What happens when you want to cancel your Marriott Hotel booking?

CNN reported in 2017 that Marriott cancellation policy just got more strict. They will require people have to cancel within 48 hours or risk paying one nights fee. This applies to hotels in the United States, Canada, Caribbean and Latin America. Some hotels in the Marriott group have a 72 hour cancellation policy. They have noted that this is to better serve customers looking for last minute opportunities.

What To Do With A Non-Refundable Marriott Hotel Reservation?

If you have a non-refunbdale Marriott hotel reservation that you can't use anymore then you may be able to change the name on the booking. If Marriott allows a name change on your booking then you can list your reservation on TransferTravel.com. We are the travel marketplace that allows the opportunity for people to list and sell their travel plans that they can no longer use by changing the name.

How To Transfer Your Marriott Hotel Booking To Someone Else?

You can sell and transfer your Marriott hotel booking to someone else by contacting Marriott themselves once you have the new buyers details. Take their details and swap them with your details. Once you have the new details ask for confirmation of this and you can upload that confirmation to the buyer on TransferTravel.com

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Posted 5 April 2018

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