"I Can't Use My Villa Booking In Thailand!"

So you've booked your villa in Thailand for two weeks holidays. The plane tickets are booked and you're thinking about packing your bags. Oops something comes up though...and you can no longer go. What are your first thoughts. Disappointment! Sadness! Anger! We totally understand...because we have all been there.

When you can no longer go on your trip we know that after your initial thoughts are cancelling your trip. Do you have cancellation insurance? What is the cancellation policy of the villa? In some cases you may have booked the non-refundable option...which adds to the complications...but it doesn't have to. We know that nowadays booking the non-refundable option because it is cheapest and you never think that you are going to have to cancel your trip.

Can I Sell My Pre-Booked Thailand Villa Booking?

Most villa bookings and hotel bookings are able to be changed in name. TranfserTravel was created to sell your travel booking that you can change the name on. This is a way that you can make some of your money back on your villa in Thailand that you can no longer use. You can sell your villa booking that you can change the name of to someone looking for a great deal!

Where Can I Sell My Villa Booking In Thailand?

You can sell your villa booking in Thailand that you can no longer use online on TransferTravel.com. You can sell your villa booking as long as you can change the name, but the great news is that 80% of bookings can be transferred in name.

Will I Get My Money Back When Selling Someone My Villa Booking In Thailand?

How much money you get back is up to you and dependant on how much you set the price at. We always suggest that you give even a small discount on your booking. We show the percentage discount on posts and buyers are enticed by large discounts. The price that you set is up to you, which is the best part of TransferTravel. We are a marketplace that means that you get to decide what you post and what you set your prices at.

What Do I Include In My Listing? 

Setting up a listing is simple and easy and just takes a few minutes. There is a one page form where you should include your title, description and all important details like location and date of your trip. We also ask you for your booking reference number for our TransferTravel records and will not share that with the public, this is one of the ways that we validate the booking.

What Happens When I Sell My TransferTravel Listing?

When you sell your villa booking reservation on TransferTravel you will be connected with the buyer of your listing. When you are connected you can ask for their details so you can make the name change and make the transfer complete. Once you have their details, contact the villa and make the name change. Once you have the documents that have the name change on them you can upload them for the buyer.


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Posted 15 May 2018

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